At work I run the Joke Board, a white board where I write up a new dad-type joke every day. Sometimes people add alternative answers or chain on more jokes. The album below documents some of the jokes with the highest participation rates.

Continue scrolling for my personal favorites.

Joke Board Album

Joke Board

My Personal Favorites

(More to come as I remember them. There are so many.)

Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom?
-Because the p is silent.

Why do Norwegians put bar codes on the side of their ships?
-So they can scan da Navy in.

What kind of music do windmills like the best?
-They’re really big metal fans.

Did you hear about the cows that found the cannabis field and just kept coming back over and over again?
-It’s a case of the pot calling the cattle back. Truly, the steaks were never higher.

Yesterday I accidentally swallowed a bunch of food coloring.
-The doctor says I’m fine, but feel like I’ve dyed a little inside.

Why do chicken coops have two doors? 
-Because if they had four doors, they’d be chicken sedans.

Did you hear about the explosion at the French cheese factory? 
-There was nothing left but de brie.