Wow, life is good. Today was 50 degrees and sunny, a lovely change after the *ahem* snow of earlier this week. The leaves are all in the last stages of falling and color-changing so the ground is coated sometimes past my ankle with bright, crunchy leaves. Ian and I went for a walk into the ‘burbs for over an hour, finding a lovely little house for sale; I estimate it would sell for between $150,000 and $250,000 – unimaginably cheap at home, but pretty standard around here. We dreamed about it for a bit, then came back down to earth.

Though I spent a long time studying, too, this walk really does perk up my day. It was relaxing and invigourating to be outside for a change, and also to realize that we used the day well, surely one of the few gorgeous days left in this fall. Sometimes I get a glimpse of why people like it so much here.

– KF –

Long Day = Short Blog

Funny how even just 3 days of class drains a body. Have been working lots & sleeping very poorly, much to Ian’s consternation. I have to edit a couple things and then will be able to submit my internship app to the Seattle Times; I couldn’t find anything about internships on the King County Journal’s site so I emailed the head of the HR department, who replied saying she forwarded my inquiry to an editor. Hopefully somebody I contact will be interested. Please, God. Had a worse-than-normal friend sighting week: only met with Lesley once for lunch, and she was it. I miss having friends; I do hear rumors of Kristin and Jos visiting on Sunday, but I try not to get my hopes up too much. Such good things don’t happen to me.

Vangie and I beat Luke and Ian at Risk by being girls: we split the board in half, agreed to never attach each other, and conquered – also flummoxing Luke to no end. He couldn’t understand why she let me have all of Europe, Africa, and South America, and why I didn’t try to take Asia or Australia or her water colonies. The power of being a girl is we’re happy to share, so actually winning is less of a priority. I think Luke’s brain nearly exploded trying to get it. Ian wisely kept his peace and said nothing.

– KF –

Life’s Tough Out Here!

Boy, I never realized what a lot of maintainance an apartment would require! First we put in 3 straight days of backbreaking cleaning (think: me in deep dark corners sweating to stick down covering on our ugly plywood shelving) in August; continual cleaning up after The Boys; and this week alone we’ve cleaned up from a dropped pickle jar (me mopping the kitchen; it seemed muddier after I did that than before, raising questions of the floor’s actual composition), chipped out the freezer in an effort equal to an arctic expedition; and now our toilet remained persistently clogged (envision Ian laboring away with a tiny plunger and a waterfall to rival Niagra coming over the edge). Happily we have found ourselves equal to all these challenges, and we’re still able to find energy to feed ourselves!

– KF –


First snowy day of the year – mark it – October 23rd, though Kristin said it snowed at 7:30 yesterday morning, nobody else I know was up to verify that. Peoples’ reactions have been quite varied; I entered the shuttle this morning after 10 minutes of shoulder-hunched waiting, said “Good morning!” as usual, and Bob the driver growled, “What’s good about it?!” On the other hand, many people seem enthusiastic about winter’s onset judging from the number of away messages of this type: “SNOW! :D” As for myself, I don’t mind either way just so long as our hill remains walkable and I find my lost favorite pair of gloves (hunch: I may have left them on the shuttle where I leave everything important).

Class let out at 11:15 today. Eleven fifteen, and it officially ends at 11:40! -for you math people, that’s not 40 factorial, but an exclamation of surprise. She asked, “Would anybody mind if we broke early?” and the entire class started chuckling because it was so unexpected. I’m all for that, especially since we have an exam next Tuesday and I’d be happy to have the extra time to…er…goof off, I suppose. I have to meet with my new advisor later today anyway, so really most of my time is somewhat wasted. Who said I was a responsible adult, anyway?

I need practice editing writing, people! If you have anything you’re writing that needs a critical (in-training) editor, send it to me – I like doing it and people seem to get A’s when I edit their papers. Hmmmmm. Speaking of editing, I’m applying for an internship right now at the Seattle Times. I lucked out last night running across mention of it on their site: lucked indeed, because the application deadline is November 1st for next summer’s internships. Wish me luck, and send me those papers you’re writing!

As a thrilling side note, my Marine Biology professor told us that the softball team she played on called themselves the Broadcast Spawners. Some people are just sick.

– KF –

Freezer escapades, oh my!

Today I have titled Defrost The Freezer Day in honor of us doing just that action on our 50,000,000-year-old (at a conservative estimate) fridge. Only it wasn’t so much “defrosting” as chipping a glacier out of the fridge with a screwdriver and hammer. There were literally several inches – no I’m not exaggerating this time – of ice that had accumulated on the top and bottom of the freezer. This is ignoring, for the moment, the 3″ or so of frost that liberally covered all the walls. I have taken a couple of pictures, one of the ice itself, and one of Ian at work.

I can’t say that living in an apartment is boring

Also, you want to read our special AnalogCafe forum!

– KF –

School As Usual

Well, we’re back to the same old grind again. Classes have started at Clark; I was actually somewhat pleased to get on the shuttle in time to hear NPR announce that President Bush is encouraging Indonesia to keep up the fight against terrorism. They played a clip of him saying that Indonesia, “like the US, has felt the effects of terrorism,” but it seemed to me that it really should be the other way around. Honestly, Indonesia has experienced far more terrorism than the US and would have much more motivation than the US to stamp out terrorists. Not long ago 200 people were killed there in a terrorist attack, and this is hardly the only attack that has been staged. The worst part about hearing NPR was that President Bush’s clip sounded even more intelligent than the clip of Arnold (First Horseman of the Apocalypse) Schwarzenegger’s quote from a few weeks ago. The Dow was down, as was Nasdaq, but it is fairly early in the day yet.

Math = boring as usual, and since everybody continues to be otherwise occupied, I shall simply catch the next shuttle home and pretend this afternoon is a continuation of my break. Perhaps I can lure my unassuming husband into an ill-advised game of two player Risk. Bwahahahaha (rubs hands together evilly).

– KF –

Long Walk Off A Short…

Today we slept in for the first time in several weeks. Lack of sleeping in was mainly due to the fact that Saturday Ian had a Men’s Group which required getting up at 8 to attend; Sunday we rose at 9 for church as is becoming our sad, low-sleep custom. However, we both have today and tomorrow off, and are working hard to maximize our sleep time during those nights. After a restless night of tossing and turning I finally gave up and, taking my book, went out to the common room/kitchen to prepare myself some toast. It felt very domestic and calm to be able to sit in my pyjamas reading a book and eating toast with jam on it. At 11:20 Ian’s phone went off, and I rushed to answer it; alas, Ian had awoken already, but I answered it to hear Luke on the other end sounding apologetic and wanting to take us to Daka.

Well, we don’t pass up free food ever, so though I had eaten my toast I went with the guys. The rest of their plan consisted of going to get their hair cut and dropping by Best Buy to oogle over games that have not yet come out (Call of Duty, for one). I decided to accompany them, and instead of oogling over games I oogled over a very, very fine Sony digital camera Best Buy offered for only $725. It is exactly what I have dreamed of, and Ian offered to buy it for me: “For your birthday, and Christmas, for the next 10 years,” was his exact phrasing. Checking eBay I found it offered for $560 and ending in 49 minutes… Fortunately I have more self control than that, and am able to resist such desires. I also almost bought a tripod, but realized that my camera did not have variable shutter speed, so the tripod wouldn’t be particularly useful. I may ask for one for Christmas, but since my parents so wonderfully gave me the one I have just last year, I can hardly hope for such good luck again.

Turns out the hair cut place doesn’t operate on Mondays, so that part of the walk was in vain. Still, we had gone almost halfway to Best Buy in any case, so we just went the rest of the way. No harm in the exercise, even if it is through car dealerships’ parking lots for lack of sidewalk on Park Ave. We admired the tiny headlight-wipers on Volvos and mocked huge Ford extended-cab-ridiculously-long-bed trucks. Wind blew cold on the walk, remiding us that winter speeds towards us faster every day. WeatherUnderground predicts snow on Thursday and I would hardly be surprised if they turned out right for a change. Last year the snowing began in October, and I cannot imagine why it shouldn’t do the same this winter.

This choice stands before me: play Risk with Ian and Luke (to inevitably lose, for both have far more experience and for some reason far better luck than I with the dice), or to study for my Marine Bio exam coming up? My exams are: Marine Bio, October 28th; Geology, November 4th; Math, Novemer 5th. I shall continue working on Marine Bio and join the guys for a second game unless they press me too hard. I wish every day was a break day.

As a side note, for all you LOTR lovers out there, the Secret Diaries will make your day.

– KF –