Unfortunately, life is awful. These two exams weigh heavily on my mind; I struggle spending so much time without contact with many other people; the Architecture reading goes slowly; the mice make noises in the ceiling; despite our best efforts mildew stubbornly grows on our shower curtain; nobody will edit my story for the Atlantic Monthly; no matter what I do my friends (when I see them) find me excruciatingly boring. On the brighter side, today was positively gorgeous weather-wise. I wore a sweatshirt and felt far too hot. Also I pried some help from Prof Woodcock, my geology prof, quite an accomplishment if I do say so. A fly kept buzzing around in her office even after she opened a window. Ian and I ate ourselves down to literally nothing left (until we went to the store I’d eaten a bowl of yogurt all day). Continue Reading >>

My Amazing Marvellous Story of the Weekend I Spent In A Coconut Nutshell – An Incredible Work of Staggering Genius!

After a title like that, how can my actual post measure up?!

This weekend has turned out rather depressing. As Toby’s away message said at one point: if this weekend was food, it’d be plain oatmeal with lots of milk. The general idea of two exams next week, with the addition of trying to keep up in reading my Architecture books – possibly the densest texts ever (probably 3x as many words/page as any other textbook I’ve encountered), and the stress of the Atlantic Monthly story coming due in only one month, with no editors returning it to me… You’d hope that 3 months’ advance time would be enough, but apparently it isn’t. In any case, this weekend has been one of work and the occasional good moment. One good moment was realizing that Buy.com has a 30% off sale, and that may affect my dream camera, so if you want to buy it for me now’s the time 🙂 Continue Reading >>

New Look! Same Great Product!

Ian has slaved all day, and most of yesterday evening, to produce the brilliant product now before you. I admit it; I put him up to it, and some of the ideas were mine, but this masterpiece of HTML-jockeying is all Ian’s. We decided that the background was too dark, but white is too boring; hence the lighter color. Plus, everybody and their mother seems to choose to have a dark background on their web pages/blogs and we felt that something different would make a nice change. The scrollbars remain the same fantastic outlines you love, and of course the content that has you coming back day in and day out will not change one whit. The most major change we made was that now our links are on two separate pages so the blogs have more room. You’ll find the links pages in the darker area at the top of each of our blogs. We hope that you appreciate the effort that continues to go into this page, and if you have any comments or thoughts, do let us know. Continue Reading >>

Thanks, Mom

I got my first letter in probably 3 weeks yesterday, from mom. It was actually a card that intriguingly stated, “If we were hamsters…” and went on from there to suggest we would “snack, we’d nap, we’d think about working out, we’d snack again, nap some more…” and then on the inside perkily concluded, “Hey…wait a minute…” I’m not sure if she’s trying to tell me something or not, but I was thrilled to get the mail in any case. This year has been depressingly mail-light, with the majority of things in my box pertaining to Domino’s Pizza or the Chinese place down the street. I wish I had more friends who sent me letters. Or, for that matter, cared to contact me at all. Continue Reading >>


Marine Bio drags on as usual, randomly. Yet Topics in 19th and 20th Century Architecture overshadows it by far, stretching a good 2 hours in length, requiring prodigious amounts of reading, and intimidating me already. Rather like some of the 50,000,000,000 slides he showed this lecture. Good thing it’s only 7 weeks long.

Also I now realize that I am disadvantaged because I have no access to myWPI where he will post all future important information. Drat.

– KF –

Let’s Think For A Moment

On the shuttle ride to Clark today I saw a sign pasted to the back of a roadsign. It shouted, BIOTECH FOODS – UNLABELED, UNTESTED, AND IN YOUR NEXT MEAL! I thought about that for a while and decided that in truth the sign didn’t actually mean anything. The group that put it up obviously has an objection to bioengineered foods, and they wish to gain converts to their cause. Yet how do they do this? Try to terrify the general public into mindless hate by posting meaningless but scary-sounding signs (that link isn’t them, specifically, just a couple of many you might find). Continue Reading >>