What a Day!

Today was… wonderful! Awesome! Certainly rates among the best I have had all year. Ian and I woke up too early for a Saturday, but we weren’t tired at all, so we just layed there and talked for probably two hours – that’s one of the things I love about marriage. Talking happens so easily and well at night, and we have every night for the rest of our lives together. Eventually we left for the bus station to meet Tiffany: she arrived from Providence at 11:25. We estimated about 35 minutes to walk there and left at 10:50 accordingly, arriving at 11:27 – could hardly be better timed had we done it before 🙂

Oddly the day flew by. Tiffany is so fun to hang out with, and I was incredibly grateful to spend time with a friend I have a history with. We’ve known each other since Junior High at BCS not just since last year “sort of.” So we sat around and recovered from our walk, since Ian and I had been on the go at that time for quite some time; then we called Luke. He and his girlfriend (??) Vangie came down and they, Tiffany, Ian, and I all trooped down to Price Chopper to buy supplies for Luke’s mother’s recipe for Huge Enormous Cookies, or whatever they call them.

Much mixing of ingredients occured after I scoured the kitchen counter, namely done my me and Luke. Everybody else sat around, eventually playing DDRMax2 at Eric’s behest – turns out Vangie did just fine at it, but he never could convince me or Tiffany to try it out. I think both of us are too self conscious. The cookie dough looked OK, if a bit sticky, but when we went to bake our test cookie it turned out oddly. They all bake OK but suddenly flatten out and become mushy after baking for the allotted 11 minutes. Still everybody liked them.

At Tiffany’s behest we played part of a game of Rummy Royal (Michigan Rummy? haha), and though we didn’t finish it Eric had to know who won – mainly, I think, because of a streak of luck of his in which he got nearly all the pennies… Anyway no bad blood cause the game was very fun. I always forget how much fun that can be. Then we went off to the Korean place, Ian and Tiffany and Luke and Vangie and I; Luke exercised his right as a 21-year-old to buy himself saki… and drink it all to. That was, frankly, pretty amazing because I would have been out like a light after 1 but Luke managed 4 and a bit. 40 proof! Anyway, then we walked Tiffany to the bus station, bidding farewell to Luke and Vangie at that time (Vangie caught an 8:00 train to Wellesley).

Got home, and I read Foundation, by Isaac Asimov a bit while making some more cookies. Half the recipe was enormous. Then we watched Shakespeare in Love with Luke (who laughed rather more loudly than might be appropriate, but we can forgive him). And now suddenly it’s late, and I’m needing to get offline and off Trillian and off to bed! But it was a great day, and I didn’t even think of school until just now. Lovely!

– KF –

Significance Is Mine!

Thank you all for participating in my study – and if you didn’t, why not?! Incidentally, I would like a few more males (I have 14 males versus 31 females) to fill it out. So if you’re male and didn’t do my survey that I posted on the 5th, could you please do so now?

The tentative results: I did a Student’s T-Test for two different things. Bear in mind that the Student’s T-Test only indicates how likely are to be random, not whether they are actually true or not. 1) Comparing people who taught themselves to type and those who didn’t; and 2) Seeing if there was a difference between male and female computer affinity. The results: 1) P-value of 0.018, meaning there’s a 98.2% chance that my results are not random; 2) P-value of 0.000407. Happily, these results are “very significant,” meaning that people who taught themselves to type are actually more likely to have high computer affinities and that males are more likely to have high computer affinity than females are. In fact, males had a mean computer affinity of 27.067 and females had a mean affinity of 13.375; the range could go from -4 to 40 in terms of affinity. I did not ever define point above which you have high affinity or below which you have low affinity, namely because for the most part it was inherently obvious.

This study does have many limitations: the survey group is from a small part of the population and doesn’t reflect accurately all population groups; it was not a blind test; the education level of those surveyed was higher than the average population’s; the age distribution doesn’t reflect that of society; I knew almost all the test subjects; the test was conducted using computer technology, biasing the results; the list could go on, only this is a run-on sentence. And you’re probably bored out of your mind. Still, taking everything into consideration, I can reasonably make this statement: Among college-age students, there is a significant difference between male and female computer affinity and there is a 98.2% chance that people who taught themselves to type will have a greater computer affinity than people who did not teach themselves to type.

All that to say, my hypothesis was correct and I’m really nerdy. Hooray!

– KF –

Time for a little generosity here…

All I can think about is this Celine Dion song “A New Day Has Come,” or whatever it’s actually rightly called. It won’t get out of my head whatever I do – cruel, cruel world. Happily though I didn’t even come close to falling asleep in math because he taught us how to graph this thing on my calculator I’d never even heard of before. I was rather impressed and thought it was a very neat trick. Speaking of a neat trick, if you’ve got about $90 sitting around, how bout buying me a new TI-82? Mine is on its last leg, though it has served me well for 6 years or so, and served somebody else well for years before that. I got it free from the Lost and Found at BCS a long time ago. The problem is one becomes so attached to things like this: my precious calculator has been through a lot with me here, and how could I think of replacing it?

Am I just crazy here? Do other people get attached to random objects? Like I would really feel rather devastated if my mechanical pencil lost itself, or if my backpack vanished (say it was empty), or my jacket disappeared. Replacing my calculator I feel almost guilty; its screen really is on the fritz, though, with various lines of pixels just plain not appearing, and some disappearing and reappearing at strange times. It does its calculations perfectly well, but if I can’t see the result what good is that? Poor thing…I’ve imbued it with a lot of love these last few years (and more than its share of hate, too), but I think its time is rapidly approaching. So if you’re kind you’ll hasten its demise by sending me a new calculator via this link. If you don’t have my mailing address, feel free to ask me for it! 🙂

– KF –


I finally did well on an exam, and I’m feeling much better. We got our Marine Bio exams back and I got a 95 on mine – even earned a “nice job” written on the top, which gives me that warm fuzzy feeling we all love. Much better than that sorry 62 I got on the Math exam. So overall I did OK on this round of exams in the classes that really count – SCIENCE classes 🙂 Very solid 85 on Geology and 95 on Marine Bio serve to make me feel a little better. Now if only I did OK on this Marine Bio writeup, and do well on the extremely important Geology paper, I’ll be feeling much better. Just need to redeem myself in math and all will be well. (The bad news is everybody did so well on the Marine Bio exam that she announced future exams would require “greater precision,” meaning they’ll be a lot harder. Lovely.)

I had a bit of a panicky moment when I found I’d left my purse Somewhere. At first I feared it was at WPI, but then I realized it must have remained behind on the shuttle without me. So after running around in circles for a little bit, I gathered my wits and found the number for AA Transportation. A nice lady answered, contacted Bob the Shuttle driver (no kidding), he found it, and they are holding it for me when I go home. Wonderful! Hopefully nobody swiped my phone or Visa or debit cards… *crosses fingers.* We shall see. I also got to spend a while on hold listening to them tell about their fine limos – “Not much more costly than a taxi, and you can get leather interiors, a fog machine, bar, laser light show and more! All our vehicles are kept in pristine mechanical condition…” blah blah blah. They also kindly reassured me they valued my call and me as a customer, so would I please wait patiently on hold? Which I did, because I value my purse and its contents.

Class today dragged on for-ev-er. I think most people felt that way, because by 11:20 we all couldn’t help but squirm. Upperclassmen squirmed, we all shifted around, and because the chairs are creaky in that room it was excruciatingly obvious that we couldn’t wait to get our exams back and leave. The room has no windows, but we all know that it’s 70 degrees and sunny, no humidity, so who would want to be inside learning about osmoregulators?

The plan for today is: I go back on the 12:30 shuttle because today is everybody’s busy day and they aren’t able to see me. I will edit my Geology paper, do my Math, and finish my Marine Biology reading. Happily…that’s it for homework! The goal being for me to have as little work on Saturday when Tiffany comes as possible so I can enjoy her wonderful company without any school intrusions. Should be a good day – call my cell, and if I’ve got it back, I’ll answer! 🙂

– KF –


I’m actually just here at Clark without a book waiting for class to start. This is my way of not falling straight asleep like I did a few weeks ago. ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *uhwhatsgoingon?*

Alright so that didn’t work. Everybody should be rooting for the Red Sox right now, because who else deserves to win? Well… the Cubs, I suppose… But of course Boston is still cooler, and thus ought to win (forget Yankees; they’ve won too much for their own good.

I left my purse on the Shuttle. Oh crap.

– KF –


I don’t think I’m going to be getting anybody else responding to my survey, so I figured I would post again. If you haven’t filled it out, PLEEEASE do so – it’s in the post right below this one. When I get around to graphing and analyzing the results I may post them here if there’s any interest. Is there?

The last couple days haven’t been so bad. I saw Kristin and she drove me home (what a sweetie!); Jos and I got together quite deliberately and ate lunch. It’s good to see them again. I start missing my friends so much here, and I’m on the same campus they are… How can I see the same people over and over again, and never see them? There are only 1,500 students here total! It can’t be possible! But it is, and I’m learning to cope alright. This year is just helping to develop my more introverted side, and I’m enjoying spending time alone now.

I remember when I was younger – middle High School, maybe – my mom and sister went on a trip, and I stayed behind. Every day I got the whole house to myself; I played my music (or, better yet, no music), talked to the dog, and kept the house cool with the closed shades. I almost felt disappointed when Dad came home every evening at 5:30 because it broke into my quietness. Quietness isn’t something people appreciate much now, and it’s something that I do enjoy about living in our apartment and not a dorm. Our apartment has its share of noise, but some times it actually is silent. Nobody there but me, and everybody gone upstairs – you rarely hear this in a dorm.

After failing my math exam I felt quite apprehensive about having my geology professor return our exams. However, I managed a very tolerable solid 85, and anticipate getting about that on most of the future exams – hopefully a little higher. Three more points and I would have had an A, but I’m not fussing. That class was pretty interesting, actually; she talked about Nicholas Steno, a father of modern stratigraphy and at the end of class gave us a nice handout about him. Only I found that, as I read it, the handout had been copied straight from the internet with no citation! In fact the link I have there is the very paper she gave us, and it’s easy to find online, but the point is this: what kind of example is she setting, by first emphasizing strongly the evils of plagiarising, and then doing so quite blatantly herself? I’m thinking of talking to her about it – nicely! – and suggesting that maybe she’d like to mention her source next class. It just seems shocking to me after her having stressed more than any professor yet how she doesn’t tolerate such. It’s also quite amusing.

Last night Ian and I went to WPI and I searched Scholarly Journal Archive for articles on my Geology topic. That was great – JStor is really powerful. As I told Lesley, “It’s like searching the world!” And it really is. I found probably 10 or 15 articles that worked after an hour and a half of searching; I saved the links and emailed them to myself. But something happened in transit, because they never arrived and the links I’d IM’d myself took me not to the exact page I needed but the opening Search page of JStor. So all my work and good articles found must be found again. Very, very disappointing, after I thought I was completely set and ready to skim those articles, write the paper, and be done. No go… and on top of this my Marine Bio paper is due tomorrow. I looked it over yesterday and found it perfectly awful, so practically rewrote the whole thing. Though fixing mistakes cannot be faulted, I still feel it’s not worth any grade higher than a C. All my normal editors (ie, Mom and Dad, maybe Jess, maybe Ian) are too busy to help, so I’m left to myself trying to edit a paper I loathe.

I have been thinking much and seriously about quitting here at Clark. I strongly feel that we are wasting my tuition this semester, and I’m still not convinced that an English major from here, which emphasizes analyzing literature over the centuries, is what I should do. Writing and editing are what I do best, but those skills are lamentably rusty now, since all I can do with them is write scientific papers if I’m exceedingly lucky. What I would really like to do is write and submit my writing to publishers and magazines. However, I feel that I’m not ready for that yet because I haven’t the skill to write well enough. To that end I would like to take classes that help me improve my writing by allowing me to write journalistic articles, short stories, and essays. Perhaps another school here in Worcester could serve me better in that way, or perhaps I need to go somewhere else. I may be better off quitting college altogether and focusing on going to writing seminars – way cheaper than the $20,000 or so we’re paying for my “education.” I don’t knpw what the best course of action is, so at this point I’m just living day-to-day at Clark and trusting that with time God will reveal His plan for me.

Funny how everything comes back to God. That’s how the world is structured, and even my Biology professors can’t help but say organisms were “created” in a certain way: it’s so obvious they were created what’s the use in denying it? Now as usual I realized that I’ve written way too much for your average blog – but then, I’m not your average person, either, so how can those rules apply to me? 🙂

– KF –