You know it’s time…

…to close the window when the temperature inside your room is 55 degrees F and the outside temperature is 43. Makes taking a shower feel awfully nice and warm though. I fear that this winter our room will become a cave, with no fresh air and – when it snows – little light penetrating. I shudder to think of our future power bills.

One more day of classes and Clark takes its random 4-day “Midterm break.” Actually I’m unsure of the duration of this break as it appears to be marked as a weekend and 2 days (stingy of Clark when WPI students get 10 days off)… Also, I don’t feel it’s much of a break when all of my classes have exams immediately thereafter. Why do they do this? BCS used to have lots of tests after Christmas break, and you get the feeling that teachers liked to give people time to “study” – i.e., forget all they learned. I am dismayed to find that professors here follow that same policy. Continue Reading >>


The weather today is invigorating. Wind to sweep you off your feet, rain thundering down all night, leaves thrown to the ground in a caucophony of reds, oranges, and yellows, only to be swept up again in a gust and flown high into the grey sky. Wheels spinning swiftly along through rain-wetted roads throwing up rainbows of drops and the sky just bright enough to promise a new day tomorrow. The temperature is perfect, making me feel alive and excited for life, longing to go out and capture the joy with my camera. I am trying but I simply cannot move fast enough: there is so much wonder and I cannot – haven’t the ability to – freeze it in time for eternity with my camera. Continue Reading >>

What did God mean?

Man was made to be in relationships with other people because we were made in God’s image. He is always in communion with his Son and Spirit. In the same way He has given us this longing to love others, to truly know each other deeply and truly. Those people who close themselves or are for other reasons not given the opportunity to have those loving and honest relationships therefore are not whole people. Human contact is a necessity, for just as the best-cared for but unloved babies die, so we will fade away without human relationships. They are not as God designed us to be, and that causes people to seek ways of dulling the pain. Alcohol dulls it. Drugs hide it. Knives block it. Casual sex postpones it. Exercising control deceives us. But in our hearts we know that life is not right, and that something is missing until Christ fills it. Continue Reading >>

Used Skanky Underwear

This story will be hard to believe, but it is true (also a little outdated). When Ian was a Freshman in college, we decided to allow him for the first time to participate in one of my family’s huge-production Murder Mysteries. This involves lots of preparation, and in Ian’s case, a leather briefcase.

We searched high and low for the perfect used brief case, and along th way we found ourselves at a thrift shop near his house. Now, bear in mind this is nice, quiet Kirkland, were not much exciting happens. We looked around and found a belt he could use, but no brief case. Continue Reading >>

What a Day!

Today was… wonderful! Awesome! Certainly rates among the best I have had all year. Ian and I woke up too early for a Saturday, but we weren’t tired at all, so we just layed there and talked for probably two hours – that’s one of the things I love about marriage. Talking happens so easily and well at night, and we have every night for the rest of our lives together. Eventually we left for the bus station to meet Tiffany: she arrived from Providence at 11:25. We estimated about 35 minutes to walk there and left at 10:50 accordingly, arriving at 11:27 – could hardly be better timed had we done it before 🙂 Continue Reading >>

Significance Is Mine!

Thank you all for participating in my study – and if you didn’t, why not?! Incidentally, I would like a few more males (I have 14 males versus 31 females) to fill it out. So if you’re male and didn’t do my survey that I posted on the 5th, could you please do so now?

The tentative results: I did a Student’s T-Test for two different things. Bear in mind that the Student’s T-Test only indicates how likely are to be random, not whether they are actually true or not. 1) Comparing people who taught themselves to type and those who didn’t; and 2) Seeing if there was a difference between male and female computer affinity. The results: 1) P-value of 0.018, meaning there’s a 98.2% chance that my results are not random; 2) P-value of 0.000407. Happily, these results are “very significant,” meaning that people who taught themselves to type are actually more likely to have high computer affinities and that males are more likely to have high computer affinity than females are. In fact, males had a mean computer affinity of 27.067 and females had a mean affinity of 13.375; the range could go from -4 to 40 in terms of affinity. I did not ever define point above which you have high affinity or below which you have low affinity, namely because for the most part it was inherently obvious. Continue Reading >>