Recent Reading List

As part of this year’s 10 to Try reading challenge, I recently read a Pulitzer Prize-winning book called The Sympathizer, telling the story of a communist sympathizer spying among exiled Republic of Vietnamese officers in America. As you’d expect from a Pulitzer Prize book, the author brings you into the time and place, the culture, and most of all, the protagonist’s mind deeply and thoroughly — which gets difficult to stomach when the protagonist gets captured and tortured by his own side in the latter quarter of the book. Continue Reading >>

Thoughts on “A Single Man”

I may have mentioned before the King County Library System 10 to Try challenge I’m participating in this year. Reading 10 books over the course of a year doesn’t present much of a challenge, but I like how the 10 different categories push me to read outside of my comfort zone.

Last year I read The Satanic Verses, a book on the banned book list that I never would have normally found. I hated it, but it was very educational and a good experience. Also, now I can say I’ve read a book that people were killed over. Can’t stay that about much literature. Continue Reading >>