Our Independence Day

Benji spent the day with Mom, so I went for a bike ride while Ian learned about cloud hosting options. We’re thinking of moving my webpage to a cloud hosting service like Amazon Web Service or Microsoft’s Azure, so Ian can also play around with JavaScript.

Anyway, the “recovery” ride was certainly nice, but less recovery-ish than it might have been, since when I left home, our Weather Porch looked like this:

That means I rode my heavier (but, on the bright side, pinker) bike with fenders.

When I got home, after a luxurious bath that didn’t inconvenience anyone, Ian and I started Power Grid:

We ran out of time before we had to get Benji from mom’s house, but I was clearly winning. Ian might as well have conceded.

Then, at mom’s house, this happened:

Yep, I wrote numbers 1 through 500, one per square. It took a long time. My hand was tired. 

Partway through, Benji get some pink chalk and said he was going to cover up my numbers with pink. I couldn’t have forced him to practice writing that many numbers, but on his own, he  carefully traced 162 numbers, all the time declaring that he would catch up with me. By the time he took a break to play with trucks, his numbers had gotten amazingly good. Try your best to do your best!

We’re hoping that it will rain tonight and send all the firework-lighters home. Last year our neighborhood had a haze of smoke hovering over it all day on July 5.