Lumpy the Dragon and the Whales

Remember how Lumpy and the boy rescued a princess, and as a result the boy married the Princess and became a Prince? This arrangement suited the Prince admirably — he loved his wife the Princess, and he never had a dull moment as he learned everything needed to help rule the country after the old King and Queen retired. (In this country, Kings and Queens worked together as a team to rule well, and when they got old and tired, they handed the crown off in a happy coronation ceremony. They they hung around and gave unwanted advice to the new King and Queen until they died.) Continue Reading >>

How Lumpy Saved the Princess

As you know from previous installments (Part 1, Part 2), Lumpy the dragon was a kindhearted soul, quite different your run-of-the-mill dragon. While most dragons hoarded treasure and stole princesses, Lumpy preferred gentler pastimes like watching bees collect nectar or playing with his friend the boy.

However, Lumpy remained like the other dragons in one important respect: Like the other dragons, Lumpy lived practically forever. By the time he met the boy originally, he was hundreds of years old, with every expectation of living for hundreds more years. So his entire time with the boy was an eye-blink to Lumpy, while to the boy it stretched on for most of his memory. Continue Reading >>

How Lumpy the Dragon Saved Christmas

As you remember from our first story, Lumpy the dragon and the boy became good friends after they saved the forest and village from a giant. This is a new story, about how Lumpy the Dragon saved Christmas in the boy’s village.

As summer turned to fall, and fall turned to winter, Lumpy the dragon got skinnier. Unlike most dragons, he subsisted primarily on nuts and berries, as well as fish and honey. Now, an adult dragon like Lumpy outweighs a grizzly bear several thousand pounds, even if they have the same diet. As everyone knows, bears have to spend most of their time foraging for food — and they sleep most of the winter. Lumpy did not hibernate, but he did get very hungry by the time spring came around, with its abundance of fresh berries and shoots. Continue Reading >>

Lumpy the Dragon Saves the Day

Table of Contents

Part One: Lumpy the Dragon
Part Two: Lumpy and the Little Boy
Part Three: Lumpy Saves the Day
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I told this story to Benji yesterday, and it came out coherent enough that I thought it worth writing down. It’s about 4200 words long, so get comfy if you’re going to sit through the whole thing. I’m glad I took the time, too, because in the end, I rather like Lumpy.

Part One: Lumpy the Dragon

Once upon a time, there was a dragon named Lumpy. He was a purple dragon with green and yellow spots, and he had big wings and long, clever claws. Lumpy lived in the forest with the other dragons, all of whom were named things like Vicious and Killer and Firey because they were all like that. Continue Reading >>

The Little Backhoe Who Was a Big Helper

Edit to add: Bear in mind that this story is for a two-year-old. Toddlers love and need repetition, so if this seems repetitious, well… that’s because it is repetitious. Did I mention it repeats itself? Just so you know, it does that. A lot.

Once upon a time, there was a little backhoe. He was a very little backhoe, but he was a good helper. One day, he went to a construction site near his house and watched all the big construction vehicles doing their jobs. The huge excavator scooped dirt into a gigantic dump truck, which carried the dirt away and dumped it into piles that the bulldozer smoothed out and moved around. The cement mixer twirled  all around the site, pouring cement from his chute wherever it was needed, while the mobile crane lifted beams and things into place with his long boom. The little backhoe was very excited to see all this work, and after watching for a while, he wanted to go help. Continue Reading >>