The shape of life

Normally my life is shaped like a circle. Everything repeats on some cycle: daily, weekly, monthly, annually… family life consists of routine and then more routine.

But now I’ve thrown all the routines out the window. We’re renegotiating every single thing, large and small. (I started to list some examples but honestly it really was everything, and I don’t think listing every darn thing in my life is going to be very interesting.) I don’t think I’ve had so much uncertainty in my life since I went to college. Continue Reading >>

Candy-themed frozen yogurt

After school on Thursday, I took Benji clothes and shoe shopping. To overcome his initial resistance, I pretty unashamedly bribed him with the promise of frozen yogurt if he cooperated. One very cooperative shopping trip later, we found ourselves at the Menchie’s in Bothell surveying the available flavors.

I’m going to try to report Benji’s frozen yogurt mix without any obvious bias. He selected toasted marshmallow and cookies & cream frozen yogurt plus a dab of Swedish fish sorbet, topped with gummy worms and Sour Patch Kids. Continue Reading >>

Processing… please stand by.

I think I mentioned Benji’s neuro testing previously. On Thursday we finally got the results: ADHD, with a side of something I forget that distilled to “totally clueless about social cues.” (I assume the written report, which we’re still waiting for, will have those details.)

It’s been such a long road already, and it feels like we’re just starting the journey. There’s so much to learn about how kids’ brains work when they have ADHD and how we adapt our parenting now we know this is Benji’s deal. It doesn’t change who he is; it’s just another piece in the puzzle of understanding him. Continue Reading >>

Hammock time

Before they left for Seaside, Benji and I talked about putting up a hammock in his room. He really likes the hammock area at the physical/occupational therapy clinic, and I thought putting one up in his room might give him a way to calm down and settle a bit better.

I ordered the hammock before they left, and it arrived fairly quickly. Hanging a hammock is pretty easy; you just have to make sure you go into a stud, and use a sturdy enough hook.

Hammock 1

I sent Ian and Benji a picture of the finished hammock, and Benji loved it. He told me to allow only three snuggles in at one time. Continue Reading >>

Overwhelming Amounts of Everything

This last week has slowly turned up the dial on seemingly every part of my life. I’m going to take a moment and dump some of what’s going on here.

This got long, so here are links to navigate to each section:

There’s lots to get to, so without further ado, let’s jump in.

Benji’s neurological assessment

Back in February, Benji’s therapist suggested he might benefit from a neurological assessment to see whether things like his inability to sit still for 2 seconds at a time, his flash-trigger temper, his alarming level of intelligence, his extreme lack of physical dexterity, his desperate need for routine, and his struggles with flexible thinking add up to some kind of actual psychological diagnosis. I’m sure they will — but I’m honestly not sure yet what that may be. Continue Reading >>

Super-Low Tide Beach Adventure

Today I took the day off work to get my hair cut (taking immediate advantage of full vaccination!), but really spent most of the day with Benji and Mom enjoying an almost -3 foot low tide at a private-access beach. Mom has connections. Anyway, after my hair cut, we drove down to Burien, where we’d access the beach.

We had some extra time, so we planned to eat lunch there first. The restaurant Mom had in mind was closed, so we picked a random place that was open.

Low Tide Beach Lunch Out
My first meal at a restaurant, albeit outside, in over a year.

The less said about that meal, the better. Suffice it to say that we waited nearly an hour and found the food more than a little disappointing. Still, it was my first meal “in” a restaurant since the pandemic started, so that’s another vaccination milestone. Continue Reading >>

Halloween 2020

I’m a little late posting it — we’ve had a few distractions! — but last Saturday Benji dressed up as an orange crayon for Halloween. As usual, Deborah made the finishing touches, in this case the Crayola label and “totally not a safety cone” crayon-tip hat.

Halloween 2020

Although we knew a number of people who went socially-distanced trick-or-treating or did a socially-distanced church “Harvest Festival” scavenger hunt, we opted to stay away from other people. Instead, my parents decorated their house as a haunted house strewn with little trails of candies for Benji to follow from room to room. They really did a great job, with spooky music, things that dropped down on you, spider webs, fog, and dim lights. Needless to say, Benji loved it and can hardly wait for next Halloween to do it again. Continue Reading >>