Secret Diary of Benji Ferguson

This morning as I was changing the amazing human fountain, I discovered the following tucked under his changing pad.

Day 10: I remain in the clutches of my evil jailers, who – in a sinister touch worthy of a James Bondian villain – insist on calling themselves Mommy and Daddy. Since last week’s forcible abduction, they have had custody of me, apparently in an attempt to break me. I have resisted so well, though, that they called in a torture specialist named Nana overnight, and she and “Mommy” forced me to consume many ounces of the sweet, fatty substance they call (again in a nightmarish parody) “milk” that I’m coming to suspect is addictive. Continue Reading >>

Houdini Hands

Benji loves his hands. I knew that even before he was born, given the amount of time I felt his hand punching while he was in utero. Now his hands are his best friends; particularly when he’s upset, he tries to get his hands as close to his mouth as possible. Lesser swaddling cannot long withstand his Houdini hands.



At this age he also grabs kind of randomly whatever is within reach. Needless to say, this proclivity makes feeding a challenge at times. Sometimes I need a whole nother person to just wrangle his hands while I try to feed him. I sometimes have a hard time believing he only has two hands, given how he gets them everywhere (prioritizing the most inconvenient places first, of course). Continue Reading >>

Benji’s Road Quilt


“No, mommy, I DON’T want to eat more.” I swear he can shut his mouth so tight it’s safer than a safe deposit box.

I have been meaning to mention the absolutely fabulous quilt Grandma Deborah made for Benji. Originally she asked about colors, and I remembered a blanket I had when I was a kid. It had blue and white stripes of varying thickness that I drove my Hotwheels and Micro Machines on, and when bunched up made hills and valleys and intersections. I told Deborah about that and suggested some kind of road for Benji to drive toys on. This is what Deborah created. Continue Reading >>

Two Sides of the Benji Coin

Here is Benji yesterday during his tummy time.


He was in that magical “quiet but alert” phase that doesn’t happen very often (normally it’s lightly sleeping, heavily sleeping, or fussing) and kept his eyes open long enough to look around a bit. Needless to say, we seized the opportunity.

Lest I give the faulty impression it’s all peaches and cream, however, here’s a view I get all too often, most frequently (of course) at night.


Yesterday we went for a walk around our neighborhood park. It was a cautionary moment for me: My body is fit and eager to go… Except for the extremely tender still-healing wound where Benji came out. Despite my increasing desire to MOVE, my body made it clear that is not on the docket yet. It will be hard as I heal to let myself fully recover and not overdo (or do at all, for the moment) the physical activity I so crave. Continue Reading >>

Baby Benji, Day 4 (yesterday)



Life is tough as a newborn. Everything previously handed to you – nutrition & hydration, temperature regulation, oxygenation – now you suddenly have to do for yourself. On top of that, everything in your environment is totally new and unfamiliar. Gah! Fortunately, Benji has lots of people (like daddy and Nana) willing to help him transition.

Yesterday we had a checkup with the lactation experts at Evergreen. Benji is doing well, although he struggles to nurse and tends to get very upset – too upset to eat – when it is hard. The nurse reassured us that we were doing everything right, and gave us helpful tips for getting through the next week or so. Hopefully by then Benji will have the hang of it and we’ll move on. Continue Reading >>