Christmas Giving – to Charity Results

Last month I mentioned that we were going to donate to charity rather than buy lots of Christmas gifts to people. This really just expands on a tradition in my family, where we’ve had a Christmas donation component for many years. The big difference was that this year, we didn’t buy anything for adults in the family. I wanted to share how it went.

The overall idea was wonderful. I know that I, personally, felt far less stressed out than usual at this time of year. With being super sick for part of that time, it was especially helpful not to be responsible for obtaining gifts for everyone. It also felt just way more fun and easy to hang out with our families, just appreciating each other and enjoying Benji’s excitement, with no stuff to get in the way. Continue Reading >>

Pike Place Market 2016

Yesterday we did our annual Ferguson family Christmas trip to Pike Place Market to obtain fish, crab, and sausages for our Christmas seafood dinner. This year, we took a bus from South Kirkland and met the Fergusons at the Sheraton, where we always see the truly astonishing gingerbread houses. This year, there was a Hogwarts castle with moving staircases and a Number 12 Grimmold Place that slid open and closed. Benji didn’t really appreciate it (how could he?), but he did like recognizing the candy. Continue Reading >>

Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Benji saying “cheese” in front of our Christmas-y fire place. I still get a kick out of having an actual mantle to hang stockings on — I never had a fire place or mantle before we built ours!
Christmas 2016

Christmas Light Portrait

This year is the first year Ian ambitiously set out to hang up Christmas lights outside. I’m proud of this first effort! Here Benji and Ian are huddling outside briefly before dashing back inside to get out of the cold. That long stick to the left is our tree, which is pretty much one straight tall twig. Continue Reading >>