Secret Diary of Benji Ferguson: Part 7

Insult and injury! My jailors have stooped to new lows, inflicting truly cruel and unusual torture on me, even as I had just begun relaxing my guard. I trusted them, and they took that trust and trampled in in the dirt. Oh, if only I was bigger…!

The facts are these: While it is true that, in the last week or so, I may have disturbed my nefarious captors’ nights a little bit and, yes, perhaps I may have caused them some discomfort by refusing to nap well during the daytime – I have only done my duty as a prisoner, fighting to suppress every twinge of affection for these monsters, never succumbing. But we seemed to have reached some kind of equilibrium, and I started to lose my wariness. So, in summary, things were going moderately well, considering the circumstances. Continue Reading >>