Big Kids Have Big Fun

Yesterday we got together with my friend Ellen. One of the (many) things I like about Ellen is that she always pushes our boundaries with her suggestions for what to do. She’s the one who took me cross-country skiing before Benji was born, and left me practically unable to walk for like a week (the blog post title: “A Litany of Aches.” Ah, good times). She invites me and Benji to parks in the city of Seattle that we otherwise never would go to. She encourages me to eat odd things and try tea I wouldn’t normally have. It’s good to have this kind of friend. Continue Reading >>

Too Fun to Nap

This morning we had so much fun that Benji couldn’t calm down enough to fall asleep at nap time. Ingredients for this exceptionally fun morning:

  • Go to Nana’s house and see Builder Pat at work. Eat lots of raspberries.
  • Go to St. Edwards State Park and find a half-dozen fire trucks from various agencies doing training.


Get permission to closely examine the trucks while the firefighters are training. Conduct said examination with Miss Ellen.


– Hike to the lake like a big boy, walking the entire way there and most of the way back.


While at the lake, learn what I mean when I say, “Watch out or your feet will get wet.” But, simultaneously, do an excellent job obeying when I ask not to go deeper. Continue Reading >>