Friday Photos

I added a couple pink streaks to my hair.
I have pink hair now.

But my hair just doesn’t want to soak in the color, which is supposed to be a nice baby pink to match my bike (naturally! What else?). Aunt Dana wants to go more fuchsia next time, and have it fade to baby pink. I’m still on the fence.

Benji also got his hair cut at the time, but I forgot to take pictures because I was busy interviewing him for information to put in our very own planet book. We made a book about the planets because the ones he has don’t contain all the information he wants to know. Specifically, he’s gotten interested in “cut-outs” of planets, ie, what’s inside planets.

Here’s Benji playing with the slide. It’s the summer of the slide, apparently.

Here’s a superhero family selfie.


And here’s Benji’s first picture, which he took himself with my phone.

Friday Photos

These are all from today, since we already shared our amazing planet extravaganza. Today we went to Matthews Beach Park for the first time, meeting our friends the McCurleys there.

Benji said: “Mommy, look, big ducks!”
Me: “Those are geese.”
Benji: “I’m going to go pet the geese!”
"Mommy, I'm going to pet the geese!"


Later, after failing to pet geese but succeeding at getting super wet in the lake, then rinsing off and changing into entirely new clothes, we played at the playground. At first there were a zillion kids there — at least two separate day camps had staked out areas, one near the water and one by the play toys — but for a brief interval the two camps cleared out and left some room for other kids to play.

Benji fell off the merry-go-round the first time, which is why he looks so cautious this time.

Benji found this and said, “This is a while blood cell and I’m a germ!” …but later it just evolved into Benji and the McCurleys just taking turns going through it and landing on each other.

Photos from our week

I’m going to (try to) post photos from our week on Fridays. I may or may not provide explanations. Think of it as a “caption the photo” opportunity.

This one does require some explanation. This is at our CSA, when Benji had just gotten a good haul of veggies from the kids’ garden (they’re the only ones who get carrots or snap peas this year! So jealous! He at all the snap peas one after another as he picked them). He towed this little wheelbarrow all over the CSA, from the members’ pickup area all the way out to the kids’ garden all the way out to the flowers, though high weeds and grass, with one pit stop to feed the chickens some greens. Pretty good for a boy who was sure he couldn’t pull it that far.

We’ve been missing seeing our friends! They all seem to be on vacation. It’s like there’s some huge vacation conspiracy that takes everyone out of town at once… I guess it’s called “Summer.” But anyway, our friend Will got back into town and we finally got to have a playdate! Hooray!

65-degree drizzly weather won’t stop US from enjoying a big old puddle. No, sir. Good thing Mommy brought extra clothes.

Our nasturtiums were wonderful, and Benji even ate some of them… until the hideous black aphids found them. We’ve never had those in our yard before, only green aphids. These black ones look extra-nasty. In a matter of barely a week, the poor nasturitums were completely sucked dry and covered in a thick, black mass of tiny bugs, and I started seeing the aphids branching out to other nearby plants, including my avocado tree! Ick. I pulled them all out, and hopefully that’s that. Next year, I’m planting pansies.