It’s Saturday. That has, for many years, meant that I go for a big bike ride. But with the return of my virus and taking Thursday and Friday off this week again, I decided to skip the big ride. I tried going out by myself, but after a couple hours just felt tired and gross and it was clearly time to go home to rest.

Which I did, for several hours.

After which, this happened.

Assault the Jungle: Start
Benji rightly dubbed it “The Jungle,” an area on the side of the house (the opposite side from the Meadow of Goodness, in case you’re wondering) harboring weeds taller than myself, plus a density of weed undergrowth that cannot be overstated. I shudder to think of all the creatures living in there, too. Continue Reading >>

Planting a Rainbow Garden

Today Benji and I planted a rainbow garden. At least, it might, if we’re really lucky, grow into something like a rainbow garden. What is a rainbow garden? It’s what you get when you plant seeds for these flowers.



We started with red up by the house and ended with purple/blue down by the sidewalk. Goodness knows what will actually happen — we picked everything from nasturtiums to delphiniums, entirely based on color (and light/soil requirements). So we’ll end up with a really interesting front yard this year, I’m thinking. Continue Reading >>

Green Thumbing

Lately Benji has decided he likes to be “Benji Yard Waste Man.” In this game, an adult pulls weeds or cuts grass, and then Benji picks up the detritus and throws it into the big yard waste bin. We set up the step stool so he can reach in the top. The great thing about this game is that, as a result, a significant portion of our yard has gotten weeded.

We have a rock wall along one side of our property, and adjacent to this is a bare strip that we mulch, but it doesn’t have any plants. It’s very sunny but wet and seepy, and has virtually no top soil above the underlayment of solid clay. In short, terrible growing conditions, except for weeds, which thrive there. Continue Reading >>

Gardening is Not My Forte

Day’s Verse:
You lazy fool, look at an ant.
Watch it closely; let it teach you a thing or two.
Nobody has to tell it what to do.

Proverbs 6:6-ish

Yesterday, another dry but slightly more overcast day, I planted 15 new strawberry plants as a ground cover for the edge of the rain garden. That accounts for a little more than half of the area needed to be covered. I figured we might as well plant something delicious, since we have to put something in. Hopefully that doesn’t backfire and cover our yard in strawberries… but I figure, there are worse things to have take over your yard. I also have some strawberries in a raised bed, and now I’m kind of wishing I’d put something else there. Maybe I should do some other food, like lettuces or something, along the remaining length of the rain garden. Hmm. Continue Reading >>