This week we’ve had a bunch of guys from Bodine Construction Services here working on our crawl space drainage. Normally I wouldn’t get fussed about water in the crawl space, as long as it dries out; but during the extremely wet period of March in which we all turned into amphibians… –as I was saying, back in March I noticed some water seeping through the garage, apparently from the crawl space. That’s when we called Bodine.

Anyway, Monday through Wednesday, Ian stayed home and babysat the house while I took Benji away to do things outside the house. I figured it’d be too darn frustrating for him to watch guys going into the crawl space and not be able to join them. Plus, I worried about the noise interfering with nap time. On those days, Benji and I saw the guys arrive just as we left, so we waved bye-bye and zipped off, leaving Ian to deal with everything. Continue Reading >>