Biking in Winter

Some days I agonize about whether or not to ride my bike outside. Even with the major improvement of a smart trainer and video game-like ride platform, I don’t get the mental health benefit of being unavailable and out of the house when I ride in the garage.

But some days I don’t agonize, because the weather is so abysmal that, even though I would commute in it, but I’d never voluntarily leave the house to ride in it. Think: 37 degrees, steady rain, in the pitch dark.

Today was one such day, or at least it was when I took the outside picture (right before sunset). Continue Reading >>

Through the Fan

Well, that was a heck of a 48 hours, even by the standards of a stay-at-home, COVID-19 world. Let’s see, it went down like this…


Speaker chaos. Realized we need a plan for where to stay for 24 hours while the stinky gases from our crawl space insulation dissipate. Quickly made a reservation at the Residence Inn Mariott in Bothell. We decided to pay for Thursday night so we could go there first thing Friday morning, and then Benji said he wanted to sleep there Thursday night.


Normal-ish day, except at the end Ian and Benji moved in to the Residence Inn for the night. I went back home, packed my stuff, fixed a flat tire on my bike (of course), and started setting up my new Kickr. Oh, and I arranged with my boss that I’d take Friday off, which proved to be a very good idea. Continue Reading >>