Peek-a-boo Hair Color

Last month I went and got my hair cut. To have some fun with it, I also got a strip of it colored: green/blue/purple fade. My sister called it mermaid chic. This Friday I got the color refreshed, a little less green and a little more blue and indigo. Next month I think we move to all blue on the top half, all purple on the bottom, with a long fade between the two.

Peek-a-boo hair color

Call it benefits of the pandemic. I’m not sure how my work would feel about this exotic hair activity, but at the moment it doesn’t matter one bit. I feel happy every time I deal with my hair and I’m just going to keep having fun with this. Continue Reading >>

Self Care

Normally I escape to the my bike when I need time by myself. But with the smoke followed closely by rain, the bike has meant an escape to… the garage. Ho hum.

Rouvy data looks to RideWithGPS like I really rode in Boulder, or Switzerland, or New South Wales… but I know that I never left the garage.

So to do something fun and totally different, and to deal with the split ends that have become an increasingly acute problem, I scheduled some time in the hair salon. Not my normal escape, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Continue Reading >>

Long Hair Tradeoffs (& May 7 Ride Report)

Day’s Verse:
What matters is not your outer appearance—the styling of your hair, the jewelry you wear, the cut of your clothes—but your inner disposition.
1 Peter 3:4ish

I have mixed feelings about my long hair. It’s now well over halfway down my back, closer to most of the way to my waist. It’s handy in one sense. I can always just put it into a ponytail, bun, or braid and it’s out of my face. But it’s also a lot of work to keep healthy, looking nice, and under control. Then there are the other peripheral issues of vacuuming and drains.

Vacuuming — oh gosh, what an endless bother. Long hairs wrap themselves around the brush of the vacuum in no time flat and have to be cut out on a regular basis. Irritating, but not particularly gross.

Drains are much worse. There’s something about wet hairs that grosses me out. I hate having to deal with my shed hairs in the shower. That’s why it’s Ian’s job to clean out the shower drain when it starts draining badly. He’s the strongest proponent of long hair in this household, as well as the largest beneficiary, so he deals with the dirtiest repercussions thereof.

I mention this because over the last few months, our shower drain has slowly transitioned from “drain” to “plug.” Given enough time, yes, the tub would eventually empty. But we finished each shower with water up to our ankles. I didn’t need to close the drain to take a bath. It was getting bad. Our usual gentle chemical methods (baking soda and vinegar, with a heavy weight atop the drain to keep the reaction heading in the right direction) availed nothing, and some mechanical intervention (a bent coathanger) didn’t help. Thus, while I was out riding up hills today, Ian borrowed snake from his grandparents and Dealt With The Drain.

I wasn’t there to witness it, but Ian assures me this was an entire ponytail’s-worth of hair (clearly hyperbole, since I still have all my hair). He said he was astonished any water made it through at all. I took a bath after my hilly ride and I can at least confirm that the tub does now drain as intended. So hyperbole or not, I have to give Ian credit for doing his husbandly duties with the drain.

Click below the fold for a report on today’s bike ride.