16 Months is Much Harder

…but also much more fun. I suspect that may describe parenting from here on out, because for the first time, we’re having to actually parent, not merely meet physical needs.

Last week (Wednesday, December 4, for the record), Benji started taking steps. He’d taken a few hesitating, stumbling steps before, but now he deliberately stood still, clearly cogitating hard, and then took some steps. The sunshine burst of delight on his face as he toddled along spoke volumes for how hard he’d worked to achieve that goal. Since then, it’s like this standing-and-walking thing has started really clicking. Continue Reading >>


This morning at approximately 7:30 am, Benji rolled over for the first time (followed shortly by the second time). I was pumping and reading a book and not paying real close attention to Benji’s tummy time; Ian had put him down and left to wash the bottle. I saw some unusual movement out of the corner of my eye and looked up just in time to see Benji complete the flop, land spread-eagled on his back, and then lay there rather surprised and puzzled. I startled him by exclaiming loudly in excitement; he contented himself with petting the stuffed puppy and looking perfectly calm. Continue Reading >>