Pandemic in Pictures: Painting the Closet/Office

I mentioned a few days ago that we moved a desk into the closet in Benji’s bedroom to give him a little office space of his own. After using it for a bit, we came up with the idea of allowing Benji to paint the space to personalize it a bit more.

Because of my wrist injury, I didn’t go for a big Saturday bike ride like usual. I seized this opportunity to execute the painting plan.

First, Benji and I went to the paint store to pick out his paint. We meticulously wore face masks and (mostly) stayed far from store employees. Benji homed in on the color he wanted almost immediately: Rumba Orange. I had already decided to let him pick any color he wanted, so even though it wasn’t what I would choose, we went with it. Continue Reading >>

Painting The Boy’s Room

Day’s Verse:
Save your breath for the wise—they’ll be wiser for it;
tell good people what you know—they’ll profit from it.

Proverbs 9:8-ish

Working from an extremely sophisticated paint schematic (shown below), four lovely helpers converted our spare bedroom from a kind of dismal, Seattle-winter-sky-plus-purple color into the a room cheerful enough that I’m frankly a little jealous.

Super High-Tech Paint Schematic

I didn’t take any before pictures, because it was just the extra bedroom. Most notable feature of said bedroom was a set of 4 white corner shelves. They were quarter-circles that fit into the corner next to the window, put in by the previous owners. We decided that they took up too much space, corners being prime bedroom real estate, so boldly moved to remove these shelves. Hours later, we were cursing the former owners, who had used four screws per home-made shelf: Two 2-inch-long wood screws going into each wall near the corner and screwed into wall anchors; and two 3-inch-long wood screws screwed directly into studs on the outside of each shelf. That would’ve been bothersome enough, with all the twisting required to get those out; but, on top of that, they had stripped the outer screws during installation, and then painted over all the screws. This meant that we had to drill around the exterior screws and then use pliers to slowly twist these incredibly long screws out, not to mention dealing with the stupid paint filling up the non-stripped screw heads. I’m telling you, those screws left holes in the wall reminiscent of the size of holes in Jesus’ hands. After taking out those shelves, I’m pretty sure Ian or I would have gladly throttled the previous owner with no qualms whatsoever.

Anyhow, we got the shelves out. This morning we purchased paint — super-nice Benjamin Moore Aura paint, by the way, which required only one coat, had minimal smell, dried looking gorgeous, and is fully washable; the people doing the painting loved it — and dug out our painting supplies. Mom, Deborah, and my friend Karissa all rolled in around 9:00. Commence the painting! Actually, commence the taping, but whatever. I helped with that part, but left them to the paint fumes when we started opening cans. Which was kind of sad, because they sure did seem to have fun.

Painting Baby Room 2

Painting Baby Room 3

Painting Baby Room 1

I made homemade cinnamon rolls for sustenance. That takes a lot of effort and hours of rising, plus produces tons of dishes, so it gave me plenty to do while they painted. Partway through I fed the painters fresh, hot cinnamon rolls and the sugar high gave enough of a boost to finish the room. I spent the rest of the time mostly in my office, the next room over, avoiding the fumes but enjoying the conversation.

Done 1

Done 2

We still plan on putting clouds around the top, but had to let the blue dry. That’ll also be our chance to touch up any places blue got on the ceiling. I’m delighted with how it turned out, and as before mentioned, I’m actually rather jealous at how cheerful and bright the room looks. Now my office looks dowdy and boring. (More painting in the future??) Also, I’m hoping that’s a paint job that will age well enough that The Boy will be happy with it beyond babyhood. When he’s old enough, he’ll be welcome to repaint if he wants. Until then, it’s blue sky and green hills.

A huge thank-you to Mom, Deborah, Karissa, and Ian, who accomplished a ton of painting in one morning. Thank you!

Now we just need some furniture for this room…