Pandemic in Pictures: Home Hair Cut

After our orange paint excitement on Saturday, one of us discovered paint in our hair. Apparently someone brushed his head against the wall that had wet orange paint on it, giving adding unintentional orange highlights.

Being a capable, independent 7 1/2-year-old, someone solved the problem himself: he started to cut his own hair. While I like the initiative, we moved quickly to head off (pun intended) the problem by obtaining a real hair cutting kit.

Last night Ian administered Benji’s first at-home haircut. At first Benji wanted to set the buzzer to one meter, rather than a few millimeters. Then we measured my hair and determined my long hair is 55 cm, or barely over half a meter, and he decided he actually wanted it to be an inch. Continue Reading >>

Pandemic in Pictures: Painting the Closet/Office

I mentioned a few days ago that we moved a desk into the closet in Benji’s bedroom to give him a little office space of his own. After using it for a bit, we came up with the idea of allowing Benji to paint the space to personalize it a bit more.

Because of my wrist injury, I didn’t go for a big Saturday bike ride like usual. I seized this opportunity to execute the painting plan.

First, Benji and I went to the paint store to pick out his paint. We meticulously wore face masks and (mostly) stayed far from store employees. Benji homed in on the color he wanted almost immediately: Rumba Orange. I had already decided to let him pick any color he wanted, so even though it wasn’t what I would choose, we went with it. Continue Reading >>

Pandemic in Pictures: School From Home

For the last eight weeks, Benji has done school at the dining room table. Over time, school materials have slowly spread until we could no longer use the dining room table for eating.

I had a semi-brilliant idea the other day: to move a spare desk (fortunately, painted black and therefore less likely to show marker marks) from my office into Benji’s room. But his room is tiny — maybe 8 by 8 — with a bed, dresser, and bookshelf, there’s not any space left. …Except in the closet! Continue Reading >>

Pandemic in Pictures: Bike Selfies

Normally I don’t take pictures of my bike while I’m riding. I don’t take pictures much at all: I prefer to ride, not stop, extract my phone from my pocket and its protective plastic baggie wrapper, take a picture, put away my phone in the wrapper and then my pocket, and resume riding.

I do realize that, in the grand scheme of photography, this may be the easiest era ever to take pictures. I don’t care–it’s still more than I want to do when I’m out riding. Really it’s because I prefer to avoid stopping as much as possible, and unless a view really stuns me, I tend to just appreciate it on the fly. Continue Reading >>

Pandemic in Pictures: The Reading Tent

At this point, starting our 921st day in isolation, we, like all families, are getting creative with how to shake things up while not leaving home. Fortunately, the weather has cooperated and allowed us to spend time in the yard. Last week we pulled out the tent, a complete novelty to Benji. (As an aside, clearly we’re not parenting right if he doesn’t know how to set up a tent at age 7.)

Mostly we’ve used it as a reading tent:

Reading Tent 1
Notice that Benji has followed the rules and left his shoes outside the tent.
Reading Tent 2
The problem is if you’re barefoot, you can’t leave your feet outside the tent.

Actually, the biggest challenge has been keeping the tent free of sticky pods released by a nearby tree. Continue Reading >>

Pandemic in Pictures: Sunset Bike Ride

As a person who thrives on routine, I’ve worked hard to keep biking as usual during this long unsettled period. It’s my escape from the house, my sanity reset, and my insurance against gaining 50 lbs from too darn many snacks.

This evening, I went for a very pleasant, and at times somewhat challenging, long hill ride.

Sunset S-Works
I caught the sunset just as I came down into the Sammamish Valley.
Empty Sixty Acres
Sixty Acres normally hosts soccer players, amateur rocket launches, parachute practice, and more. Now it’s completely empty, with parking lots blocked off.