The End of a Marathon Summer

We started summer in the middle of May. This week, five months later, we finished it. It truly has been a marathon summer, and we’ve had so much fun and Benji grew up in so many ways — but it also validated my firm belief that I will never, ever home school my child. We would drive each other nuts in the first year (or less). So, we started at ORCS this year, and will probably go there for a couple years.

In any case, I’m also happy for Benji to start school because he needs that time with other kids. He can read surprisingly well and can count past 100, but although he likes playing with people and is friendly, he doesn’t know what to do with other kids as much. Also, I like that his large- and small-motor skills get stretched at school, as he tries to copy what his peers do. Continue Reading >>

Having a Moment

Me: Benji, I have an applesauce cupcake (ie, muffin*, but he has an irrational dislike of muffins) for you.

Benji: No! No! Nooooo! I HATE it! It’s YUCKY!! I want a chocolate cupcake, not applesauce! (Lots more in this vein.)

*I hand him the muffin.*

Benji: Yuck! I don’t like applesauce cupcakes! (Without pausing or even taking a breath) Oooo, yummy, this is delicious! I LOVE this cupcake!

*Proceeds to swiftly consume an entire muffin.*

In unrelated news:



*I’m going to share this muffin recipe some time. It’s actually amazingly wonderful. I’m only slightly ashamed to admit I ate five of them today. Continue Reading >>

First Day of Preschool

Benji went to his first day of “big boy” preschool yesterday. It was a half day, so only 9:00 to 11:00, but even so felt like a really big deal… At least for one of us.


Actually, Benji did fabulously: He waited in line, greeted the teacher, and went inside with nary a glance back. He told me beforehand that he wanted to play with the train set, and I could tell he was on a mission. He brought snuggle blanky, his most special, comforting snuggle (our term for comfort/security item), but it ended up in his cubby by the time I got there. When I came to get him and do the picnic with him, he was waiting somewhat patiently in the circle with the other kids, and although he was glad to see me, he really wanted to show me the toys, not get lots of reassuring hugs. Continue Reading >>

What’s Next?

Benji has been going to a pre-preschool, Stepping Stones, at Kindering since January, receiving early intervention in motor and speech. This is mostly paid for by the state (our taxes at work!) as part of what’s called “early intervention.” The goal is to help kids be ready to succeed when they reach kindergarten by fixing issues while they’re very young. Benji has made huge leaps, especially in language use especially, but somewhat also in physical skills.

This has worked really well for us, but the kids age out of early intervention at age 3, a milestone rapidly approaching for us. The therapists have evaluated Benji and confirmed that he’s within the normal range for motor and speech now — which is great! What a huge improvement! The only area Benji qualifies is in articulation, meaning how well he enunciates what he says. Right now he talks a lot, using relatively complex ideas, but most people can’t understand much of what he’s saying – that is, even less than you’d expect for a kid his age. Little kids do tend to be pretty incomprehensible. Continue Reading >>