Quilt Love

Toys aren’t really meaningful to Benji yet, but he does love looking at edges. Yesterday we put up the most edge-ful quilt he could hope for: the road quilt Deborah made for him.

This was truly a family effort: Deborah made it. Mom and Dad supplied the quilt hanger. Gary did the hard part of hanging, measuring and drilling the screw holes. I finished putting the quilt in the hanger and putting it on the wall.

Mom brought Benji in and his eyes immediately locked onto this new image. He gazed, mesmerized. He reached to touch it. After a bit, he started babbling at it, smiling and putting his hands together by his mouth in delight. Continue Reading >>

Benji’s Road Quilt


“No, mommy, I DON’T want to eat more.” I swear he can shut his mouth so tight it’s safer than a safe deposit box.

I have been meaning to mention the absolutely fabulous quilt Grandma Deborah made for Benji. Originally she asked about colors, and I remembered a blanket I had when I was a kid. It had blue and white stripes of varying thickness that I drove my Hotwheels and Micro Machines on, and when bunched up made hills and valleys and intersections. I told Deborah about that and suggested some kind of road for Benji to drive toys on. This is what Deborah created. Continue Reading >>