Series 65, in the bag

You may have noticed that the last couple months I’ve been off the blog radar even more than normal. That’s because I’ve been studying for a professional credential called the Series 65 test. This is the FINRA/NASAA test for investment advisor representatives – basically, the minimum qualification for giving people investing and financial planning advice. That said, I personally would not feel qualified in any way, shape, or form to hang out my own shingle just on the strength of this test. Continue Reading >>

Series 65 Test Aborted, then Failed

In an earlier post, I mentioned that I’ve been telling Benji that my Series 65 studying is work and the class is meetings. Yesterday (October 1) I told him I had one more meeting, my actual test, that morning.

He said, “How many more meetings does Mommy have?”
Me: I hope only one more – today.
Benji: No…I don’t think so. Mommy have lots more meetings.

Later… Turns out that Benji was depressingly prescient. When I showed up at the testing place, I wasn’t on their list. After panicking to the point of hyperventilating and (when I had picked my jaw up off the floor and recovered from speechlessness) stuttering, spending an hour on the phone with the scheduling company, and being a (in my defense, panicky, shocked) jerk to all the testing facility staff, I finally rescheduled my exam for today, October 2. Continue Reading >>

Series 65 Training

I spent all of Monday and Tuesday in a cram class to attempt to pass the Series 65 exam. This test will allow me to trade on clients’ accounts, something I’ll be picking up as one of my coworkers retires in the spring. Alas, this test material is way more dense and intensive than I expected, and I didn’t give myself as much study time as I now think I could have used.

Anyway, after 10 hours of this, I took a break for a walk on the Green River Trail at sunset.




image Continue Reading >>

School, for Benji and Me

Wow, this week has gone so fast, my head is still spinning. I’d forgotten how full the week feels when Benji has commitments a few times a week. Through August and September, Benji and I had plenty of time together — perhaps a little more than either of us really felt absolutely necessary. (I suspect this is mutual because the other day, I asked Benji, “Do you love Daddy?” Benji said, “Benji love Daddy more than Mommy.” Thanks, buddy. He then clarified that “Benji love Daddy more because Daddy watch vit-e-oos with Benji.” It’s true, they watch train videos together while Benji sits on the potty.) Continue Reading >>