Flying Wheels 2016, My Singlespeed Adventure

I love gears on my bike. I’d say I’m, if not gears’ biggest fan, close to it. This probably has to do with the fact that I like hills and I like my knees, and prefer to not have the former destroy the latter (as is not uncommon with singlespeed and fixed-gear riders). Plus I just shift a lot, I guess to keep my cadence pretty regular. I don’t use a heart rate monitor or power meter, so I shift in response to how my legs feel. Novel!


So today Dad and I did the Flying Wheels Summer Century, as we do most years. Last year, I squeaked in with a just over 20-mph pace (that’s a sub-5-hour century) — a big accomplishment for me! This year, the route completely changed, but Dad wanted to aim for that same goal again. I wasn’t sanguine about our odds, given our pace but figured we could give it a shot. Continue Reading >>