Look, Ma, No Hands!


This is our baby the fruit vampire. He sucks the juice, leaving only the flaccid empty skin behind. And he doesn’t even need hands to do it!

We (the adults in the family) love the high chair and wish we’d gotten it ages ago, although only now does Benji reliably hold himself up. For his part, Benji reserves judgement, but doesn’t fuss in the chair, so we count it a win.

I’m becoming a total convert to baby consignment stories, too. Every time we go, we get something so cheap (in this case free, thanks to baby shower gift certificates) and so high quality, I don’t envision going to Babies R Us for much in the future. Plus consignment stores soothe my conscience when we find ourselves buying SO MANY things. Buying stuff – ugh. And it helps to have gift certificates. Continue Reading >>

Wait, What?

Benji is a strange child.

We’ve offered him smooshed-up avocado with milk and apple sauce liberally cut with milk, with zero interest. We’re not expecting him to get any nutrition from “solid” food yet, so come isn’t a big deal… But most of the time we offer anything, Benji makes it abundantly clear he’d prefer milk, thank you very much.

He did seem to show a little interest in the raw carrot when I gave him that, but it was a reserved and cautious “this may not be 100% terrible” response. Continue Reading >>