A Common Problem, I’m Sure

This sign recently appeared between the elevators in the building where I go to physical therapy.


I wonder how often people have lost things down the elevator shafts, that they feel a need to put up a sign about it.


“I love mooshed broccoli with milk!” I cannot for the life of me get Benji to open his mouth when he doesn’t want to (Mom has some sneaky way of weaseling the spoon into a Fort Knox-like mouth), but we have a new feeding technique: Let Benji feed himself. Sort of, anyway.

He’s eager to grab things and, once grabbed, the thing immediately goes into this primary sensing chamber – the mouth. When we hold a spoon laden with delicious goop for him, Benji grabs it and shoves out into his mouth. A little judicious guidance and a quick tilt-and-scrape deposits most of the food on his tongue. When that happens, Benji gets this astonished/hurt/betrayed/puzzled look, since most objects that go into his mouth don’t leave cargo behind. Then he reaches for the freshly-laden spoon and does it again, right down to the shocked look.

It works. It even worked today for a new food: oatmeal. That actually went down quite well, both figuratively and literally. I’m pleased and hopeful that oatmeal will begin to provide some real solid calories.


Last but not least, Benji helped me cook today, at least insofar as licking the spare whisk is helpful.


Boy does time go fast! I can’t believe it’s been a week – and a busy week at that.

In addition to taking care of my yeast infection issues*, I started my new job as Client Service Administrator (aka “apprentice financial planner”) with Kaizen Financial Advisors. Fortunately, right now that means I closet myself in my home office for a few hours a few days a week and make arrangements for childcare to facilitate the occasional mandatory in-person client meetings. I anticipate learning a lot.

We also gave Benji his first taste of solid food: mushed-up avocado. He was less than thrilled. The first time, this last Sunday, I don’t think he actually swallowed any of it, but did manage to get it all over his face and hands. The second time, today, Deborah fed him while I held him and he actually seemed to swallow some. At least, avocado disappeared off the spoon and didn’t reappear on the bib or his face.

Additionally, I gave him a large chunk of peeled carrot, too big to choke on but small enough to fit in his mouth, to suck on. He sucked that with a fair amount of disapproval, then gave up. However, I attribute that to his being particularly sleepy at the time. His expression put me in mind of Frodo’s “tragic gaze” in Lord of the Rings:

Frodo in LOTR



Yeah, not super enthusiastic, but we’ll get there. If nothing else, I am excited to start him on solids, and I can’t believe he’s old enough for that already.

In other non-Benji news, I can’t resist mentioning I got a new fork (a Whiskey No. 5) for my pink bike, Artemis. It so dramatically improves the ride experience, it’s almost like getting a whole new bike. I’m exorbitantly pleased and can’t help raving about it. I’ll try to keep the thrilled comments to a minimum, though.

Finally, a friend of mine joined us and some folks from our church who helped us obtain and move in an armoire that, as advertised, required 4 strong guys to shift. It definitely did not get upstairs, as I initially hoped, but we found a good home for it downstairs. I’m quite pleased. A huge thanks to Karissa, Ian, Matt, Mike, and Isaac, who made it possible.

* This has been the final straw. After much painful deliberation, I have decided to quit pumping – and therefore stop providing breast milk – when Benji hits 6 months. Whole nother blog post there.