A Common Problem, I’m Sure

This sign recently appeared between the elevators in the building where I go to physical therapy.


I wonder how often people have lost things down the elevator shafts, that they feel a need to put up a sign about it.


“I love mooshed broccoli with milk!” I cannot for the life of me get Benji to open his mouth when he doesn’t want to (Mom has some sneaky way of weaseling the spoon into a Fort Knox-like mouth), but we have a new feeding technique: Let Benji feed himself. Sort of, anyway. Continue Reading >>


Boy does time go fast! I can’t believe it’s been a week – and a busy week at that.

In addition to taking care of my yeast infection issues*, I started my new job as Client Service Administrator (aka “apprentice financial planner”) with Kaizen Financial Advisors. Fortunately, right now that means I closet myself in my home office for a few hours a few days a week and make arrangements for childcare to facilitate the occasional mandatory in-person client meetings. I anticipate learning a lot. Continue Reading >>