Port Townsend Roadtrip

This week, my family went to Seaside without me. That sounds sad, and it slightly is, missing out on the beach time — but I’ve also enjoyed one of the most relaxing and fun weeks I’ve had in many years. One of the fun things I got to do was take Friday off work to take my friend Teresa on a roadtrip.

Now, I’m not a huge roadtrip person. Very long drives just feel very long to me. If I’m going to spend time with a friend, I’d prefer to play a game or go for a hike. But extenuating circumstances have arisen: Teresa has a broken leg, and has to keep all weight off her leg for many weeks. I suggested this roadtrip to get her out of the house. Continue Reading >>

Light in a Dark Place

Sometimes God gives us opportunities above and beyond our everyday choices, chances to shine as a bright light in a dark place. Yesterday I took one of those opportunities, and I’m still reeling from it.

Thursday, February 21, we pushed out our first release of 2019 at work. With President’s Day on Monday and all the snow the previous weeks, I didn’t feel as comfortable as usual. Every working day that week I put in 10-hour days and still felt less well prepared than I like. But that evening I left work at about 6:25 PM relieved and ready to enjoy a slow, dry, “warm” bike commute home before really nasty weather pummeled us again. Continue Reading >>