Back Yard Work: Day 6

Finally caught up to present day! Today was all finishing digging post holes – at last! – and building and raising the remaining posts.



I don’t have a picture of this, but it was extremely cute the way Benji “helped” screw down the bolts. The first time, I gave him his toy wrench, he watched Jim doing it, and then he started wrenching on the already-done bolt. For the next one, Benji went and got the wrench himself when it was time to screw down the bolts. Learning from observation! Continue Reading >>

Back Yard Work: Days 3, 4, and 5

Wednesday: Continue digging post holes (like I said, an arduous process), finish replacing siding that had to be removed during stair area demo. …In retrospect, I may be getting some of this a little out of order. Never mind, it’s all close.



Thursday: Continue digging post holes (I think I mentioned this isn’t a trivial undertaking), cut ends into decorative shape, start staining lumber. Some of the long cross pieces are back-ordered until at least July 30, which means this project won’t truly be done for quite a while. But anyway, stain what we’ve got. Continue Reading >>

Back Yard Work: Days 1 and 2

This year Ian and I designated some money for home improvement. After paying a family friend/landscape designer, Becky Carlson, to help us make a first draft of a plan for the yard, we decided to replace the fence and add a trellis to our back porch.

We used a company called Fence Connection for the fence, and they did a reasonable job. That finished up the week after July 4.

For the trellis we hired another family friend and general contractor, Jim Andrilenas. He began work last Monday. I’ve been taking pictures along the way. Here’s how it’s gone so far. Continue Reading >>