Now We Have Interwebs

Day’s Verse:
We do not make requests of you because we are righteous, but because of your great mercy.
Daniel 9:18

Sometimes I wonder what we did before the Internet. Then I realize that we would simply not have the dubious pleasure of this type of ukulele experience:

On a completely unrelated note, I had to write a paragraph for AmeriCorps about what I plan on doing when the internship is over. Here’s my first draft:

As my time as an AmeriCorps intern comes to a close, I find myself, once again, with the world before me. Why limit myself to the mundane, predictable course of staying on with the Bicycle Alliance of Washington, even though they are offering me a position doing something I enjoy? No, I plan on spending the next year solving the financial crisis in a way that both Democrats and Republicans both wholeheartedly support. Of course, I’ll also eliminate national and state deficits on the way. After that, I will move on to quietly ending the war in Afghanistan. Then, closer to home, I plan on resolving the difference of opinion between the City of Seattle and the state regarding the Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement project. And I hope to have time to squeeze in some personal development – hiking the whole of the Appalachian Trail during the summer, riding my bicycle across Asia, and learning how to play the dulcimer. I expect I’ll be a bit busy, but I should have plenty of time to keep in touch with all the AmeriCorps friends I’ve made, too. Continue Reading >>