It’s Saturday. That has, for many years, meant that I go for a big bike ride. But with the return of my virus and taking Thursday and Friday off this week again, I decided to skip the big ride. I tried going out by myself, but after a couple hours just felt tired and gross and it was clearly time to go home to rest.

Which I did, for several hours.

After which, this happened.

Assault the Jungle: Start
Benji rightly dubbed it “The Jungle,” an area on the side of the house (the opposite side from the Meadow of Goodness, in case you’re wondering) harboring weeds taller than myself, plus a density of weed undergrowth that cannot be overstated. I shudder to think of all the creatures living in there, too. Continue Reading >>

Scorched Earth





OK, maybe it’s not totally scorched, but I’m basically pulling out EVERYTHING along our rock wall. I hate that wall. It had ivy on it originally; that couldn’t stay. Ivy is evil. But now it’s a nasty mash of succulents, horsetails, wild vine weeds, vines planted by previous owners going out of control…

It’s a mess, and even once I get all of it cleared out, it’ll all just grow right back if we don’t do something there. But what? What grows on 2″ of half-rotten “beauty” bark over rocks? Answer: more weeds. Continue Reading >>