FedEx Address Reading Fail

Day’s Verse:
I hate all this silly religion,
but you, God, I trust.

Psalm 31:6-ish

It’s sure exciting to get surprise packages. And when the package is clearly a bike, well…! From what I could see through the handle holes, it looks like a nice white comfort bike with pretty fenders.
Wrong Address :(
Unfortunately, the excitement is going to our neighbors at 12214. Despite the extremely clear numbering on the front of our house that reads 12211, FedEx cleverly left our neighbor’s new bike on our porch. Once I had contained my disappointment, I went over to there. Nobody home. So I schlepped the box across the street, after confirming that it really was their address. You’re welcome, FedEx driver. Next time if the bike fits, I’m keeping it. Continue Reading >>