After much diligent web-crawling, my intrepid husband has found a way to salvage our site from disaster. Though to tell the truth the worst that could happen is it would “go down,” or remain untouched – not that much of a disaster, as nobody knows about this site yet (“yet,” in the hopes that perhaps people will in the future). Also as a result of this I have begun to play around in HTML, which I quickly realized is a cumbersome and awkward method for communicating on the Internet. However, as uses HTML I shall too.

Please give us input on how you like the site! If, for instance, the colors clash – my green makes your eyes want to bug out and Ian’s blue makes you feel like stabbing yourself in the heart with a butter knife – do let us know. Also any improvements of color or style we will listen to and mock behind your back. I’m sorry the comments section is not up yet, but until it is feel free to email. I don’t get emails anyway, so that might just be exciting for me.

The day is shaping up to be a very nothing type day. I have high hopes that I will, in fact, do some work “later.” Who knows when that shall be. Fortunately this first part of the semester – A Term – has turned out to be something of a break for me. It’s easing into school, because despite the fact I do have work, for some reason it’s all quite easy. For instance, in math he just taught us The Quadratic Formula, which even an underdeveloped slug would have known since 7th grade. I’m sorry to admit that was the only class I placed into for math, and now as I am switching to being an English major, I don’t even need to take that class.

In fact, you might ask why I am taking 2 science classes and 1 math class when I plan on doing English. The answer is: don’t ask. I spent many hours agonizing over that sorry set of coincidences myself, and I’d rather not relive them by explaining it. The upside is that I have lots of free (read: “dead”) time and do actually enjoy my classes for the most part. The worst they are is boring, not excruciatingly difficult.

– KF –

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