Here I am, fresh out of my exam. I studied plenty in the last 24 hours, and a reasonable amount the week prior to it. Really, considering everything, I feel pretty darn good. I knew 22/25 multiple choice questions off the top of my head, meaning I had to take educated guesses on three of them. There were 5 short answer questions, and unless I am far more confused that I ought to be, they weren’t too difficult. Trouble came only when she asked for some details on a scientific paper that I’d read a couple times but didn’t understand perfectly. Still, I was the first person done in the class, taking 35 minutes total, and I kind of lollygagged around checking my answers because I didn’t want to be the first one to turn an exam in (oh well).

Right now I’m practicing breathing again… At least until I begin studying for my Geology exam. It’s a good feeling to finish an exam – like finishing a Cross Country race, but without the puking part. More thoughts to come, as I have 5 hours alone here until I am scheduled to meet my advisor. (Darn him for making a 4:30 appointment!)

– KF –

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