So today I go on my first field trip in probably 3 years … since Junior year at BCS and we went to the UW Libraries. Amazingly enough, we’re going to be taking a school bus. That’s equalized by the fact that the trip is to a beach. I’m a little apprehensive because we have to write a paper on what we find, and I generally don’t do well at identifying organisms, but then I honestly have no idea what she’s going to have us do. I can say that I’m enthusiastic about spending hours on an Atlantic Ocean beach, having only spent time on the Pacific. This is technically to the Nahant Marine Science Center run by Northeastern – an evidence of collaboration between educational thingymabobs. Institutions.

I am getting miffed by my math class. Currently we’re learning how to plot straight lines, truly. Y = mx+b type stuff that makes me question my IQ if this was the *only* math class I could place into. The irony being that I don’t even need to take this low-level course if I desire to major in English at all, and it doesn’t fill my Formal Analysis requirement, either. What a wasted semester! This whole thing started bothering me until I realized it’s probably God trying to teach me something: patience, perhaps, or showing me that you can’t be too serious about everything all the time. I think I’m too serious, and that keeps me from having many friends. Still, I keep trying, and at least this math class should be a breeze.

– KF –

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