Colleen is inviting a kid to Tolo! What a kick!

I feel like I can’t get anything to work right. My phone works sporadically, Trillian works occasionally, file transfers never work on AIM (stupid firewall and people who won’t help me get around it), my computer itself is pretty flighty, in fact my brain is pretty questionable too. I don’t know what’s going on in my life – literally. I don’t know what major I want to do (English is useless, just like me). I can’t stand being awake, basically; I’m only happy when I’m asleep. I want to sleep forever, to cry my eyes dry and keep crying. So much apathy cannot be good. My glasses are too thick, my face is too zitty, and I am gaining too much weight. I am so tired of hearing about other peoples’ problems without having a chance to air my own: I feel like my struggles are a wet towel strangling me even as I try to help other unwrap their own wet towels.

– KF –

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