The best I can say about this day is at least I’ve finished my exams, and earlier than I expected to. On the other hand, perhaps the extra studying time would have allowed me to actually earn a tolerable grade on this last exam too. Who knows? It doesn’t seem like you can mess up too much on the quadratic formula, but somehow my quadratic formula kept producing -7.39875×10^-6 (or something like that). Frustrating! Also, I tested alone in this room that was adjascent to several professors’ offices. In one a kid named Viktor, who was in my Marine Bio group, was pouring his heart out to this lady about how impossible Intro Bio and Intro Chem were last year; how Marine Bio is impossible; how though he has a learning disability he wants to do it “like a normal person,” etc. Rather distracting, as you might guess, and that was compounded by the fact my prof was also meeting with somebody (door open also). They discussed her troubles with math and he expounded on the many blessings of owing a TI-83… He also advised her to shell out $25 for a new manual when she could just get it online for free (God bless Adobe Acrobat). Somehow I got through the exam and sadly I feel “good” about maybe half of them. Some I didn’t care about – well OK, I don’t actuallycare about any of it – but some I just couldn’t seem to get. I guess I’ll try to be philosophical and say that I’ve done alright on my other exams *cross fingers*, and math isn’t a particularly important thing for me to do well in, so who really cares?

I’m just letting this go. Really. At least I got to take it 6 hours early with the strong demand not to talk to a soul about the exam in conjunction with signing an affadavit to the same tune, namely, “I didn’t cheat and won’t help others do so.” I’m no cheater, so I didn’t really mind signing it… Though it would be handy if somebody did cheat and our prof had to drop this exam grade like he dropped our quiz grade. Incidentally I got a 10/10 on my quiz, so that makes up for him dropping my LAST perfect-scoring quiz. Jerk. He was also rather interested in why his class list named me Kathleen Sullivan and I called myself Kathleen Ferguson. Seems that Student Records has alacrity for some things but not others. My old name keeps hanging around, refusing to die, which is fine because Sullivan is a perfectly acceptable name; I just would like to have this whole name-change thing done with.

Speaking of the whole name change business, last week we sent off our marriage certificate and my passport in a plain old envelope to Charleston to get my name changed on the passport. In the mail! THE MAIL! That’s what they say to do, and I didn’t really think about it until Luke mentioned maybe we should have insured it or something. Now I’m rather apprehensive because I sent two certified, original documents off to who-knows-where by US Postal Service trusting that everything will be OK. Sure hope it will be, because if I never get those back who knows what happens.

Yay, the Twins won. This will be interesting.

– KF –

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