I have a hypothesis I would like to test, and I need all your help. It’s really simple: just post a comment answering the questions I ask here.

1. Did you teach yourself to type fast and accurately? (Ie, learned to type before you got into a school sysytem)

2. Did somebody else teach you to type? (Ie, learned to type after you got into school)

3. How much time do you spend on your computer daily?

0 – 2 hrs; 3 – 5 hrs; 6 – 8 hrs; 9 – 11 hrs; more than 11 hours

4. Would you describe yourself as computer-y?

5. If you are in college or have graduated, what was your major?

6. How old are you?

As you might guess, I’m trying to see if there’s a correlation between typing ability, namely self-taught typers, and affinity to using computers. To make this study valid, I need a large number of responses – a pool of 5 people can’t be indicative of an entire population, you know. To avoid skewing of data (think about it… this is online, what kind of people are likely to answer this?) I’ll also be asking as many people as I can in person about this. Please respond to my questions! I’m very curious about this – and I won’t post a new blog until I get between 20 and 25 unique *real* responses. Bwahahah. Thanks so much for helping me out.

– KF –

17 thoughts on “Answer me!

  1. 1. Yes, but I still had to take a typing/computers class in middle school

    2. No

    3. 6-8 sometimes a little less….depends on the day or workload

    4. Yes

    5. Environmental Science and Policy

    6. 19

  2. 1.Yes, typing tutor though.

    2. No, except Mavis Beacon (computer program)

    3. 0-2

    I never thought I spend so LITTLE time on the computer

    4. Yes I would, now coming from microsoft-ville, I feel like I suck, but coming to the east coast, I think wow Im a genious! hehehe

    5. I am thinking of illustration.

    6. 19

  3. 1. Nope

    2. Yeah

    3. Depends on the day. Probably 3-5 hours, though I’ve never clocked it

    4. I would say I’m “above-average” computer-y. Not a really smart computer person like Ben or Ian, but smart enough to be able to help other people w/ some computer problems.

    5. General Science

    6. 21

  4. 1. Yep

    2. No

    3. HA! I’ll never tell!!! Mwahahah…. ok, I have no life, probably more than 11. (Basically when I’m at home, I’m on the computer (and during this class, and at work).

    4. Yes.

    5. Um. Perhaps CS.

    6. 19

  5. 1. Yes

    2. They tried… and I typed faster my way.

    3. 3-5

    4. You bet.

    5. AA in IT: Networking and thinking about a minor in web design.

    6. 21


  6. 1. Yes, although I’m so old, it was AFTER I finished high-school. There was no need to type in high-school as there were no devices available to kids on which one could type.

    2. No

    3. 6-8 hrs

    4. Yes

    5. Computer Science

    6. way old

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