I finally did well on an exam, and I’m feeling much better. We got our Marine Bio exams back and I got a 95 on mine – even earned a “nice job” written on the top, which gives me that warm fuzzy feeling we all love. Much better than that sorry 62 I got on the Math exam. So overall I did OK on this round of exams in the classes that really count – SCIENCE classes 🙂 Very solid 85 on Geology and 95 on Marine Bio serve to make me feel a little better. Now if only I did OK on this Marine Bio writeup, and do well on the extremely important Geology paper, I’ll be feeling much better. Just need to redeem myself in math and all will be well. (The bad news is everybody did so well on the Marine Bio exam that she announced future exams would require “greater precision,” meaning they’ll be a lot harder. Lovely.)

I had a bit of a panicky moment when I found I’d left my purse Somewhere. At first I feared it was at WPI, but then I realized it must have remained behind on the shuttle without me. So after running around in circles for a little bit, I gathered my wits and found the number for AA Transportation. A nice lady answered, contacted Bob the Shuttle driver (no kidding), he found it, and they are holding it for me when I go home. Wonderful! Hopefully nobody swiped my phone or Visa or debit cards… *crosses fingers.* We shall see. I also got to spend a while on hold listening to them tell about their fine limos – “Not much more costly than a taxi, and you can get leather interiors, a fog machine, bar, laser light show and more! All our vehicles are kept in pristine mechanical condition…” blah blah blah. They also kindly reassured me they valued my call and me as a customer, so would I please wait patiently on hold? Which I did, because I value my purse and its contents.

Class today dragged on for-ev-er. I think most people felt that way, because by 11:20 we all couldn’t help but squirm. Upperclassmen squirmed, we all shifted around, and because the chairs are creaky in that room it was excruciatingly obvious that we couldn’t wait to get our exams back and leave. The room has no windows, but we all know that it’s 70 degrees and sunny, no humidity, so who would want to be inside learning about osmoregulators?

The plan for today is: I go back on the 12:30 shuttle because today is everybody’s busy day and they aren’t able to see me. I will edit my Geology paper, do my Math, and finish my Marine Biology reading. Happily…that’s it for homework! The goal being for me to have as little work on Saturday when Tiffany comes as possible so I can enjoy her wonderful company without any school intrusions. Should be a good day – call my cell, and if I’ve got it back, I’ll answer! 🙂

– KF –

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  1. If only women had the sense to carry wallets, that stay in your pocket, and not these easily forgotten purses, the world would be a less worrisome place.

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