Today was… wonderful! Awesome! Certainly rates among the best I have had all year. Ian and I woke up too early for a Saturday, but we weren’t tired at all, so we just layed there and talked for probably two hours – that’s one of the things I love about marriage. Talking happens so easily and well at night, and we have every night for the rest of our lives together. Eventually we left for the bus station to meet Tiffany: she arrived from Providence at 11:25. We estimated about 35 minutes to walk there and left at 10:50 accordingly, arriving at 11:27 – could hardly be better timed had we done it before 🙂

Oddly the day flew by. Tiffany is so fun to hang out with, and I was incredibly grateful to spend time with a friend I have a history with. We’ve known each other since Junior High at BCS not just since last year “sort of.” So we sat around and recovered from our walk, since Ian and I had been on the go at that time for quite some time; then we called Luke. He and his girlfriend (??) Vangie came down and they, Tiffany, Ian, and I all trooped down to Price Chopper to buy supplies for Luke’s mother’s recipe for Huge Enormous Cookies, or whatever they call them.

Much mixing of ingredients occured after I scoured the kitchen counter, namely done my me and Luke. Everybody else sat around, eventually playing DDRMax2 at Eric’s behest – turns out Vangie did just fine at it, but he never could convince me or Tiffany to try it out. I think both of us are too self conscious. The cookie dough looked OK, if a bit sticky, but when we went to bake our test cookie it turned out oddly. They all bake OK but suddenly flatten out and become mushy after baking for the allotted 11 minutes. Still everybody liked them.

At Tiffany’s behest we played part of a game of Rummy Royal (Michigan Rummy? haha), and though we didn’t finish it Eric had to know who won – mainly, I think, because of a streak of luck of his in which he got nearly all the pennies… Anyway no bad blood cause the game was very fun. I always forget how much fun that can be. Then we went off to the Korean place, Ian and Tiffany and Luke and Vangie and I; Luke exercised his right as a 21-year-old to buy himself saki… and drink it all to. That was, frankly, pretty amazing because I would have been out like a light after 1 but Luke managed 4 and a bit. 40 proof! Anyway, then we walked Tiffany to the bus station, bidding farewell to Luke and Vangie at that time (Vangie caught an 8:00 train to Wellesley).

Got home, and I read Foundation, by Isaac Asimov a bit while making some more cookies. Half the recipe was enormous. Then we watched Shakespeare in Love with Luke (who laughed rather more loudly than might be appropriate, but we can forgive him). And now suddenly it’s late, and I’m needing to get offline and off Trillian and off to bed! But it was a great day, and I didn’t even think of school until just now. Lovely!

– KF –

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  1. Hi Katie–this is my first blog comment! I’m so happy to hear you had some good days lately! You sound so totally bummed sometimes that I worry about you. God bless!!

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