Well, we’re back to the same old grind again. Classes have started at Clark; I was actually somewhat pleased to get on the shuttle in time to hear NPR announce that President Bush is encouraging Indonesia to keep up the fight against terrorism. They played a clip of him saying that Indonesia, “like the US, has felt the effects of terrorism,” but it seemed to me that it really should be the other way around. Honestly, Indonesia has experienced far more terrorism than the US and would have much more motivation than the US to stamp out terrorists. Not long ago 200 people were killed there in a terrorist attack, and this is hardly the only attack that has been staged. The worst part about hearing NPR was that President Bush’s clip sounded even more intelligent than the clip of Arnold (First Horseman of the Apocalypse) Schwarzenegger’s quote from a few weeks ago. The Dow was down, as was Nasdaq, but it is fairly early in the day yet.

Math = boring as usual, and since everybody continues to be otherwise occupied, I shall simply catch the next shuttle home and pretend this afternoon is a continuation of my break. Perhaps I can lure my unassuming husband into an ill-advised game of two player Risk. Bwahahahaha (rubs hands together evilly).

– KF –

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