Ian has slaved all day, and most of yesterday evening, to produce the brilliant product now before you. I admit it; I put him up to it, and some of the ideas were mine, but this masterpiece of HTML-jockeying is all Ian’s. We decided that the background was too dark, but white is too boring; hence the lighter color. Plus, everybody and their mother seems to choose to have a dark background on their web pages/blogs and we felt that something different would make a nice change. The scrollbars remain the same fantastic outlines you love, and of course the content that has you coming back day in and day out will not change one whit. The most major change we made was that now our links are on two separate pages so the blogs have more room. You’ll find the links pages in the darker area at the top of each of our blogs. We hope that you appreciate the effort that continues to go into this page, and if you have any comments or thoughts, do let us know.

– KF –

One thought on “New Look! Same Great Product!

  1. I like this version better… cleaner, less cluttered and fewer distractions for those of us who are too easily distracted.

    I just thought you’d like the hamster card… no ulterior motive!

    Love you, my l’il punkin’

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