After a title like that, how can my actual post measure up?!

This weekend has turned out rather depressing. As Toby’s away message said at one point: if this weekend was food, it’d be plain oatmeal with lots of milk. The general idea of two exams next week, with the addition of trying to keep up in reading my Architecture books – possibly the densest texts ever (probably 3x as many words/page as any other textbook I’ve encountered), and the stress of the Atlantic Monthly story coming due in only one month, with no editors returning it to me… You’d hope that 3 months’ advance time would be enough, but apparently it isn’t. In any case, this weekend has been one of work and the occasional good moment. One good moment was realizing that has a 30% off sale, and that may affect my dream camera, so if you want to buy it for me now’s the time 🙂

Another of the good moments was going to the Interstate 8 concert with Luke and Ian. They invited 5 other groups: SHM, Fools on the Hill, Rusty Pipes, BU’s coed group, and CDN. Frankly, although it was Interstate 8’s concert, I like the Rusty Pipes and CDN the best, and thought SHM did very well too. Tyler’s Weird Al song, “One More Minute“, especially. As a special starter, Eric and a group of comedian peoples started by tap dancing to “Singing in the Rain.” Eric even got shot at the end of the number, curling up and looking rather more like a dead insect than a dead person. Excellent break between studying.

I was thinking how odd it is, blogging. People read the blog (presumably; I kind of wonder how many really do), and get an idea of what’s happening in our lives, but we still have no idea what’s going on in their lives. It doesn’t really occur to people that that mode of communication is so exceedingly one-sided that we get rather left out of the loop aside from the occasional one-sentence comment (which, frankly, throw us into palpitations of ecstasy). It’s so odd! I’ll mention an event that I blogged to a family member, and they will more often than not reply, “Oh yes, I read that on your blog.” I think anybody who reads a blog should be required to keep a blog, so as to even the playing field. Then again, that would probably also lower our readership by 50 or 60%. Gotta keep thinking on that one.

As a final happy thought, if you are quiet in the kitchen you can hear the pattering of tiny mice feet around on the dropped ceiling. Yes, we have mice above our heads at all times, probably trying to get into our food as we speak. This disturbs us.

– KF –

6 thoughts on “My Amazing Marvellous Story of the Weekend I Spent In A Coconut Nutshell – An Incredible Work of Staggering Genius!

  1. I’ve never really liked the term “blog”, because it comes from “weblog”, it just means keeping a log of everything that happens to you, but I don’t think that’s a very interesting paradigm.

    I’ve always tried to balance entertainment and personal fulfillment with my page. If no one is interested in what I write on it, then I’m doing something wrong. But, if I pander to the audience too much, then my page is worthless.

    I think the term journal is better for such a thing, because you write all sorts of things in your journal, not just the daily minutae. Of course, for lots of people, minutae is all they put up, so blog is the perfect term for it.

  2. If you really think there are mice (yuck!) you should either call the landlord or lift up the ceiling and put D-con mouse poison up there. Sounds awful but they’ll only multiply otherwise.

    I don’t think anyone would want to read a blog of my life. . .

  3. MiL, I think you might be surprised if you had a blog, what you wrote about and who read it. I sure was.

    As for the “daily minutea,” yes blog came from that but it has come to mean a great deal more than that as time passes. The term has become synonymous with “Live Journal,” which I think we all agree is a perfectly good term for what we do.

  4. But a journal is something you keep for your own benefit. Who cares if anyone else finds it interesting. That’s hardly the point. I don’t write to keep people entertained. I write what I want, and if people don’t like it, tough. Go somewhere else on the internet. If you were paying to read my blog or journal, then yes you could complain. Otherwise, I’ll I’ve wasted is your time so shame on you for coming. That’s my opinion anyway.

  5. Hi, this is the S or SisiL (Sister or Sister in Law) speaking. I think your blog is great, Katie. I read it as often as I can. I’ve also decided that once my research paper gets further under way I would love to have you edit it for me. That’s about all, I suppose, time to get back to work. (I’m at home today because all the elements in my busy schedule have combined themselves into a really nasty lump and just plain kicked me in the butt too many times for me to take it anymore.) Okay…enough of me!

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