Who really wants to read the details of life?


You can’t ask a vague question and expect a detailed answer.

Yazoo streams are tiny streamlets that parallel rivers with natural levees.

Lack of communication will kill even the best relationship. Secrets are worse.

Smoking kills people, and we all know it, yet today I saw a 6th grader doing it.

You’ve spent too much time on AIM if you say “Lol” out loud instead of laughing.

Procrastination may be an art, but passing your casses is a necessity.

If you haven’t met the mathmagician, why not?

I found an ant crawling on my forehead today, and that made me want to shower.

Finally, as Jess aptly just asked of me, “With all these naps, who has time to write a paper?” We must have our priorities, after all.

Things I can hardly wait for:

Thursday: test stresses shall vanish for a time.

Thanksgiving, when I get to see Jess again after approximately forever.

Christmas, when I get to see my family again – both families. Yay!

New Year’s Eve, and the Maximus Testosterous murder mystery.

– KF –

2 thoughts on “Middle of It All

  1. Katie–it’s so nice to hear you sounding some better!! We can’t wait to see you too! And Ian, of course. Pretend that I said all the things that your mom said in her comment on 11/3, OK? It’s very true. Caitlyn probably won’t have time to respond to your question about her paper topic. It’s about the writing of the Constitution and how the process and discussions were kept secret and was that a good thing or not.


  2. I can’t wait either. I’m so excited that I’m as squirmy as a second grader raising his hand who needs to pee…

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