Free at last! I took my last midterm today, and you know what? It was EASY. I knew all of it, every last thing, even the lame question about Norman windows because Ian and I did one like that a little while ago. YEAH! HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW? (If you don’t have the Google popup blocker, I suggest you get it.) I feel so good, I can’t say! I’m ahead of my Architecture reading, I got the delicious chocolate chip cookies Jess zoomed off to me (what an angel!), I saw Lesley for a nice long time today, and I even got to see Ernie a little bit before & after my exam. So much for cards, and I miss playing Rummy 500 with his stringent rules, but at least we got to talk a little bit. Also he saved me from being raped and/or pillaged as well as soaked on the walk from Clark to WPI I would’ve had to make. Thank God for friends who are willing to drive me home occasionally.

This weather reminds me powerfully of home: about 50 degrees and rainy in the most persistent way possible. Lesley got her hair dyed back to one even color – before she was Two-Tone Lesley, with dark normal hair above light bleached hair – and after a rigorous (for me, boring) 2 hours at StudiOne we emerged to find pouring rain. It soaked us entirely in the brief dash back to Clark; by the time I got into Sackler and found Ernie buried in a stack of lab reports to grade, my hair dripped and water had soaked through the cardboard box Jess sent me. During the exam I also realized that my shoes just take longer to soak through, so my toes feel a little soggy right now, but that can’t dampen my spirit. Today has gone ridiculously well, culminating in my feeling very good about this math exam. Hopefully I aced it; to achieve a moderate grade I have to get A’s on all the rest of our exams (crosses fingers).

Now all I have to do is figure out my classes for next semester, convince my pushy Advisor that they will further my desires, and my week will end. If I’m really, really lucky Prof. Robertson will return our papers tomorrow and I will have a big fat A on that, too.

As a final thought: Toby Keith’s “Courtesy of the Red White & Blue” is patriotic to the point of sounding rather ridiculous. Where would we get our laughs if country didn’t exist?

– KF –

7 thoughts on “How Do You Like Me Now?!

  1. I like you now and not just because you did good on a test!! I know that Red White and Blue song–it is hilariously country patriotic in style. Pretty clever lyrics, actually.

  2. First, how is downloading Opera more efficient than simply clicking on a link in Google and instantly getting the blocker? Also, Opera constantly has that ad in the corner which may not bother you, but would drive other more easily distracted people completely nuts. The Google toolbar also has other cool features that I use daily, whereas Opera is just a browser – yes, free and not MS, but with its own pitfalls of constant ads.

    Yes, our comments section does accept HTML.

  3. Who said it was more efficient? It’s still the better choice. With rare exceptions, the adbar is laidback and not distracting, and easily worth putting up with for all the other cool things Opera does. Like being faster.

  4. Au contrair, isn’t the point of a popup blocker to block ads? It seems rather counterintuitive to tolearate ads in your browser (and what evidence do you have it is actually faster?) when one of its main draws is that it blocks ads?!

  5. The point of a popup blocker is not to block ads. Google is one of the only profitable Internet companies because of its extremely well done advertising, its AdWords setup. Google would never put out something meant to block ads in general.

    Opera is pretty much generally considered faster, and when I first got it I was absolutely floored by the speed increase, especially on things like loading up forum threads with lots of text and avatars.

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