1q. What did the nuclear physicist have for lunch?

2q. What is an astronomical unit?

3q. What’s the most important thing to learn in chemistry?

4q. What did one photon say to another photon?

Other thoughts:

Don’t lend a geologist money; they consider a million years recent.

Have you heard the joke about the chemist reading a book about helium? He just couldn’t put it down.

1a. Fission chips.

2a. One heck of a big apartment.

3a. Don’t lick the spoon!

4a. I’m sick and tired of your interference!

It’s amazing the witty repartee that flies between my husband and myself at times. For posterity’s sake, I have begun collecting choice snippets. Here are my current favorites:

Him: Hey there, those are my glasses.

Me: I know they are. I know glasses when I break them.

Me: What would you like for dinner?

Him: Something simple would be fine. Like water…with a little bit of salt in it.

OK, maybe they aren’t that funny, but I felt they were. Certainly they’re more interesting than his constant muttering (it seems many computer guys do this – a trick of talking under their breath about whatever project diverts them at the time; it comforts me for some reason to hear Ian’s talk) and my occasional … we shall just call them mental conversations. Sadly the best ones aren’t really reprintable in polite company, and who knows what company *ahem*mom*ahem*mil*ahem*gmil*ahem* might be reading this.

Finally, as a thrilling closing thought, I would like to suggest that the urge to do any outdoor activity is inversely proportional to the temperature outside. Possibly an exponential decay function. Another side note: 92 – Math Exam; 94 – Marine Bio Exam; 99 – Geology Exam; 97 – Geology Paper; ?? – Marine Bio Paper. Doin’ OK. And here’s a nice picture of Jess.

– KF –

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  1. Calculus is everything but boring. And I mean \textit{everything}.

    (Testing to see if this accepts LaTeX cmds, always worth a shot)

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