Every time I update my Blog (read: daily) I get the Celine Dion song A New Day Has Come ringing in my head. It’s almost enough to make one decide to stop blogging. Another thing that might stop people from blogging: Moms. The Onion’s amusing article on the subject, however, only applies when you’re a scummy, lifeless 30-year-old who has to resort to casual sex and Ectasy for thrills.

So, life quickly since at this hour metaphysical speculation tends to elude my grasp. Ian bought a $20 used 4.1 speaker system to replace my solitary speaker/subwoofer “system” and I cannot say how exciting it is to have actual functioning speakers. Before I had two regular ones and a micro-woofer; one cut in and out, but usually preferred to stay off. I cannot say how pleased I feel to turn my speakers on and have all four reliably start and continue to function until my computer crashes. The computer presents its own troubles, namely crashing so often it at least doubles my paper-writing time. Frustrating, really; fortunately my Save Reflex – developed last year as the problem began – serves me well and a I rarely lose important material. Still, I dream of having a machine that will turn on and remain in that state until I desire to turn it off.

My major project right now is writing a paper with this topic: “The goal will be to find out the major source of water in Western Washington, see what the major pollutants/risks to that water supply are, and include a short discussion of the general meteorology of Washington.” Unfortunately it appears that topic doesn’t particularly interest scientists, making my topic a great deal hader. Ah well, I shall simply have to consider it practice for my future (hopefully) in journalism.

In other news, Jess has decided to stay here longer – until the Wednesday after Thanksgiving! This pleases both of us greatly and opens up possibilities of time spent together much better than a couple crazy days in the kitchen with Tiffany. Also, Ian has dismantled my old subwoofer and was dismayed to find enormous globs of glue holding wires to the board – barely any soldering at all. No wonder it barely worked! In removing the glue, however, he snapped off the tip of our Exacto knife – quite a piece of skill, if you ask me. Finally, I made muddy buddies today and in the process produced ridiculously enormous volumes of smoke. Something on a burner was, well, burning and I noticed but didn’t worry; no flames, no problem (right?). That was until I left the kitchen and returned to find the entire common room and kitchen hazed with smoke. By hazed, I mean so thick if we had fire alarms in there they would have gone off like nobody’s business. I could barely see. Calmly I turned off that burner, opened a window, and used a fan to suck the air out of the apartment into the Great Outdoors (Dad’s lovely picture). No problem. Muddy Buddies turned out quite tasty, though Eric only proclaimed them “OK.” Some people don’t know fine food when it slaps them in the face (“OUCH!”).

All this to say, life’s actually just normal right now. Doing a lot of math – my prof did a weird thing where he allowed us to choose our own weighting for different things. So I get to decide how important my quizzes, 2 midterms, and final exam are. Very strange, but I’m not complaining! – working hard on the Geology paper, and stressing radically about my Architecture reading, midterm, and paper. Life as usual, basically.

– KF –

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