Thanksgiving on Thursday, and all I can think of is this architecture exam on Monday. It is 60 minutes exactly: I know because he laid it out and said we had 12 minutes for this part, 24 minutes for this part, etc. I talked to Uncle Gerard for an hour or so yesterday about various topics. Side note: It’s frankly amazing if you Google “Gerard Koskovich,” you’ll get all sorts of applicable and real Uncle Gerard sites. He’s very active and has the benefit of a very unusual name to boot. In any case, he has an amazing pool of knowledge about 19th and 20th Century architecture, especially the modernist movement. Wow. I don’t know if it helped, but the talk was fascinating anyway.

I spent much of the day finding pictures of buildings we need to know: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple, Peter Behren’s AEG Turbine Factory, Adolf Loos’s Haus am Michaelerplatz. There were about 40 required ones and maybe 15 additional “recommended to know” ones, which I simply cannot do. I feel very uncomfortable with the idea of the exam, and however much I say I just want to pass, that really isn’t acceptable. I want to get as high a grade as I can, and I fear that passing may actually be just within that goal. Just thinking of the class makes my stomach sink.

The other thing I am apprehensive about is church. We don’t fit very well within Pleasant Street Baptist; after all, we attended because that’s where Crossroads moved for a time. Now Crossroads is defunct (moment of silence) why continue attending at Pleasant Street? The people quasi-know us, which is worse than not knowing us at all. We cannot simply go, be there, and leave; but I do not feel comfortable at all there either, without any of our Crossroads friends. I have this feeling that, because Worcester is actually quite out of the way for most of those people, we’ll never see them again. My heart hurts.

The apartment is getting a clean-over today. I don’t need to have my friends thinking we live in a filthy pit – and even if we do (we don’t!), we could hide that for a week. I scrubbed part of the bathroom, will get all the crud off the stove, and am planning to launch a spider genocide as soon as possible. Basically, it looks like today won’t be a pleasant day in the least.

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