That would be Big Sigh of Relief, for those of you who haven’t had to heave one such recently. I just finished my Architecture class’s midterm and lecture on Nazism, Fascism, and Surrealism in Architecture. The exam was frustrating: after all, who can relate Louis Sullivan’s Wainwright Building from the 1890’s to Mies van der Rohe’s Barcelona Pavilion of the in 19 minutes? Well, not me. Anyway, that’s over and done with even if I said Le Corbusier’s League of Nations project was the United Nations project. Close, but no cigar. At least it’s done with, and I know what to expect for our next exam. I’m just relieved to be done. Now chapters 18 – 21 to read for that class next Monday…

I got to talk to my family in the middle of today. My walk home was thus improved from the mere status of “good exercise” to “enjoyable company” as well. As long as you use ‘company’ in the broadest possible way. The weather also improved my day. Little wind and a brisk temperature combined with bright sun to compliment ech other nicely.

The big excitement for me (for Ian, what excitement is there besides “I have more PQP work to do”?) is discovering that my camera has what I have begun to think of as the surprise feature: manual shutter speed. Of course, to utilize this fully I need a tripod; however, right now I content myself with stacked books. desks, or a wall – any nice solid surface. I experimented a little yesterday with low-light situations, but of course had to study for my midterm. Today, on the other hand, I felt quite free to play with my toy. Here are the final three tolerable pictures of the 26 or so I actually took.

Finally I can look forward to Thanksgiving, and to having a few days off to spend with my friends and my husband. Lots of Risk 2210 AD in the future!

– KF –

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