Well, today isn’t going as hot as I’d hoped despite the fact we don’t have any classes for the rest of the week, and Jess & Tiff are coming up tomorrow. I’m very happy about that; don’t get me wrong. But frankly, spending a goodly amount of time here today alone really hurts. Kristin has gone home as of yesterday and Lesley skedaddled even before her. Jos I haven’t seen hide nor hair of for weeks, even a month or so; she doesn’t respond to my IM’s and frankly I’m wondering if she’s still a good friend of mine. I saw Ernie today in the Science Building – he ends class just as I start class – and he completely ignored me, which hurt a little bit too. I’m very lonely today; the campus is empty and my Marine Bio class had so few people my prof actually mentioned it. I can’t bear to think of Geology’s class total, which is comprised mostly of slackers trying to get their SA out of the way. Then whenever we get out, I’ll have the pleasure of waiting around at Clark alone again (Goodness, it’s still almost an hour until my class and I want to cry from loneliness) until 3:30, a lovely 50 more minutes.

The batteries died on my camera. Catherine pointed out a nice picture of a squirrel sitting in a bush that, just as I was about to press the button, ran away. Bummer.

When we were at home and talking to Kathleen Miller, Ian and I had to drive by a building every time that was called the Losier Building. Now, I ask you: how do you say that? “Loser” with a fancy French accent? Is the building full of losers? Or is there some other pronunciation that I don’t know of that tells the function of the building? Then again, function of building is rarely described by its name, as I’m learning quite clearly. Otherwise, you’d have Office Building on Main Street and Office Building on Broadway and Office Building on Kirkwood… etc. Sounds confusing.

I think I will stop blathering, because this post is absolutely pathetic. Rather like my social life. All it really does is show how completely sad and lonely I am, to resort to writing long meaningless posts that nobody cares to read. *cries*

– KF –

4 thoughts on “Sadly…

  1. no sadness! I love you, Katie, and you were the greatest to read me my mail today on the phone! It was wonderful to hear your voice and I wish I were there to hang out with you and give you meals off my card.

    In other notes: Losier..I’m think it could be pronounced “Loh-zher” or “Lohzeeay” possibly? Quite a perplexing word, though. Loser is funnier.

    btw, I care to read your posts.

    I think this smiley is hilarious. cracks me up inside every time.

  2. The Losier Building is in a business park in South Bellevue near the Blueberry Farms…

    Yay, I have at least 2 readers! You’re my heroes!

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